Research internship

PhD Students can carry out an internship period at prominent research institutes or industries related to the their research.

Please follow the instructions below.


Before starting

  1. Collect the supervisor approval and the invitation letter by the research institute or industry
  2. Fill the authorization request form
  3. Send them to 


If the internship is carried out abroad and you are eligible for the specific increase of the scholarship, once authorized:

  1. fill the specific request
  2. send it to


During the internship

If you are planning to prolong your internship, you need the PhD Board authorization. Fill the specific request form and send it to 


Once the internship is over

Submit your internship validation request to . The form will be made available soon.


N.B. The PhD Students enrolled in cycle 36 who did a 3-month internship online due to the COVID-19 pandemic are eligible for 3 credits. In order to get them they need to submit the Online Internship report form available in the box below to . The report must be signed by both their Italian and foreign supervisors.


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