The selection of candidates for the 38° cycle of the PhD programme in Political and Social Sciences is now open. The deadline for applications is June 9th 2022. Read more about the application and selection procedures on this webpage related to the SPS PhD programme.



1) How should I write the research proposal to be attached to my application?

The research proposal should specify the curriculum you would like to pursue: Political Science (including Political Theory), International Relations (including Area Study), Sociology.

The research proposal should include a short abstract of about 150 words and be no more than 3,000 words in length (abstract and references not included).

Please note that the research proposal is the equivalent of a statement of purpose that describes what the candidate plans to investigate and how over the course of the PhD programme. It is not a fully articulated research project.

2) What should be my level of English?

As most of the activities will be in English, at least a B2 level in English is required.


3) May I schedule a preliminary meeting?

A preliminary meeting is not necessary, as you can find the relevant information on the website or write an email to the Coordinator.


4) In what language will the interview be conducted?

The oral exam will be conducted in English.