Cycle 34

                        Cycle XXXIV Astrophysics (1 November 2018 – 31 October 2021)


Serena BANFI Microscopic aspects of the acceleration of radio emitting electrons by cosmic shocks Supervisor: Vazza

 Nadia BIAVA  Study of new particle acceleration mechanisms in galaxy clusters through low frequency radio observations Supervisor: Bonafede

  Matteo BILLI  Polarised CMB anisotropies: the search for new physics Supervisor: Gruppuso (INAF)

Caterina  CARAVITA  Dynamical modeling of stellar populations and dark matter in early-type galaxies Supervisors: Ciotti/Pellegrini

Sofia CONTARINI Towards a full cosmological exploitation of cosmic voids Supervisors: Moscardini/Marulli

Deborah  COSTANZO  Probing inflows and outflows in local Seyferts and in high-redshift quasars  Supervisor: Vignali

Quirino D’AMATO  Opening a new window on the early stages of SMBH and galaxy evolution with multi-band observations Supervisor:Prandoni (INAF)

Cristiano FANELLI High resolution spectroscopy of stellar populations in the era of extreme large telescopes Supervisor:  Romano (INAF)

Alessandro FRANCO (Cotutor: Universita of Nice) Gravitational lensing equations for multi-messenger astronomy: an application to galaxy clusters.Supervisors: Maurogordato (Francia)/Moscardini (UNIBO)

Alice  MINELLI  The chemical composition of the closest Milky Way satellites: Magellanic Clouds and Sagittarius Supervisor: Mucciarelli

 Antonio PENSABENE  Quasars at the dawn of Cosmic Time Supervisor: DeCarli (INAF)