Cycle 36

                                          Cycle XXXVI Astrophysics (1 November 2020 – 31 October 2023)


Nicola BORGHI  Cosmology with gravitational waves and combination with other probes  Supervisor: Moresco

Maria CAMPITIELLO   The XMM Heritage Cluster Project  ”  Supervisor:  Ettori (INAF)

Chiara CROCIATI Light-on-Dark: the physics of Globular cluster  cores at sub-arcsecond scale   Supervisor:  Ferraro

 Federico ESPOSITO  Characterizing the cold gas of galaxies: from the local Universe up to the Epoch of Reionization   Supervisor:  Pozzi

Stefano GIARRATANA The structure and evolution of gamma-ray bursts: mapping multi-frequency and multi-messenger events at high angular resolution  Supervisors:  Giroletti (INAF)

Giorgio LESCI “Applications of numerical methods for astrophysics: Numerical Cosmology with Bayesian deep neural networks to learn the properties of the Cosmic Web ”  Supervisors:  Marulli/Moscardini

Ivan LOPEZ Constraints on SMBH accretion ratio distributions from large area multi wavelength surveys”Supervisor: Brusa

Blessing MUSIIMENTA “Incidence and energetics of AGN outflows in the distant Universe"Supervisor:  Brusa

Cristina NANCI Synergies SKA-CTA: jet-accretion process across the mass scale" Supervisor:  ZANIN (CTA)

Massimiliano ROMANELLO Investigating the Dark Energy properties combining primary cosmological probes: Galaxy Clustering and Weak Gravitational Lensing”  Supervisor:  Moscardini

Dhrubojyoti SENGUPTA “On the physical and geometrical properties of the obscuring torus in AGN though X-rays and SED fitting" Supervisor:  Vignali

Alberto TRAINA  The dark side of the cosmic star formation history from Cosmic Dawn to the present daysSupervisor: Gruppioni (INAF)

Francesco UBERTOSI  Studying AGN feeding and feedback in cool core galaxy clusters  Supervisor: Gitti