Cycle 37

Cycle XXXVII Astrophysics (1 November 2021 – 31 October 2024)


Deimer ALVAREZ  (DIFA 3S8)    Light-on-Dark: the physics of Globular cluster cores   Supervisor:  Ferraro 

Filippo BARBANI (DIFA 1S1)  Forming Milky Way-like galaxies in cosmological simulations with explicit ISM and feedback models   Supervisor: Federico Marinacci

Alessandro DELLA CROCE (INAF-OAS- 3E7)   LISCA: Lively Infancy of Star Clusters and Associations  Supervisor: Emanuele Dalessandro

Fabrizio GENTILE (DIFA 1S1)  Searching for high-redshift progenitors of massive galaxies  Supervisor: Andrea Cimatti

 Laura LEUZZI (DIFA 3S1) “Machine Learning Tools for Weak and Strong Lensing by Galaxy Clusters: Paving the Way to the ESA-Euclid Mission”  Supervisor: Lauro Moscardini

 Massimiliano MATTEUZZI (DIFA 1S1) High-precision stellar astrophysics: testing models of stellar structure using asteroseismic, astrometric, and spectroscopic constraints Supervisor: Andrea Miglio

Giovanni MAZZOLARI (INAF-OAS- 3E6)   Hidden Black Holes in the Deep Universe  Supervisor: Marcella Brusa/Gilli 

Gabriele PANEBIANCO(CNR-OAS  PhD room)  The variable and multi-messenger sky with CTA Supervisor: Bulgarelli 

Davide PELLICIARI (CNR-IRA room 503)  Observations of Fast Radio Bursts with the Northern Cross  Supervisor: Dr. Gianni Bernardi, Dr. Maura Pilia

Giada Venusta PIGNATARO (DIFA 3S1)  Magnetic fields in the large-scale structure  Supervisor : Annalisa Bonafede 

Xavier LOPEZ LOPEZ  (INAF-OAS- 3E7) "Simulating galaxy properties for an optimal scientific exploitation of the Euclid Surveys" Supervisor: Bolzonella, Pozzetti