Cycle 35

                                                Cycle XXXV Astrophysics (1 November 2019 – 31 October 2022)


Matteo ANGELINELLI Detecting the cosmic web in radio bands and X-ray Supervisors: Vazza/Ettori (INAF)

Luigi BARCHIESI  Obscured AGN in deep X-ray fields: tracing accretion and star-formation processes at z≈1-3  Supervisor: Vignali 

Elena BERTOLA "Probing AGN feedback in quasars at the cosmic noon through X-rays".  Supervisor: Vignali 

Bhavana BHAT  “Dynamical evolution of star clusters”   Supervisor: Lanzoni

 Luca BRUNO  Non thermal phenomena in galaxy clusters : the LOFAR revolutionSupervisor: Brunetti (INAF)

Jianxing CHEN  Exploring the white dwarf cooling sequence in star clusters”  Supervisor: Ferraro

Elena LACCHIN “Hydrodynamical simulations of young globular clusters ” Supervisor: Calura (INAF)

Silvia LEANZA Exploring  the inner kinematics of Globular Cluster cores” Supervisor: Ferraro/Pallanca

Duccio MACCONI “Cross-population radio galaxies as a test of the jet-accretion relationship” Supervisor: Grandi  (INAF)

Antonio MANCINO Dynamical modeling of early-type galaxies: analytical multi-component systems, and application to hydrodynamical simulationsSupervisor: Ciotti/Pellegrini