PhD Students


Michele Borgato

"The right to food: multilevel protection of a new fundamental right" 

Cotutela - UNED


Ève Buland

"The EU competence for the protection of animals 'as sentient beings': towards the recognition of the intrinsic value of the animal through the protection of animal welfare?"

Supervisor: Prof. Giacomo Di Federico

Giulia Dal Ben

"The concept of vulnerability as a (possibile)  tool to protect environmental migrants within the European Union"

Supervisor: Prof. Marco Borraccetti

Giuseppe De Petris

"The European contributor in tax enforcement: fundamental rights and the multilevel model of protection"

Supervisor: Prof. Francesco Tundo

Florent Favière

Cotutela - Université de Rennes 


Anna Fiorentini

"THE HEALTH DATA SPACE IN THE PROCESS OF EUROPEAN INTEGRATION. A question of constitutional balance between the protection of individuals and the community"

Supervisor: Prof. Giacomo Di Federico

Marzia Genovese

"From 'Trade and Sustainability' to 'Trade for Sustainability': How Green is the Future of the EU?"

Supervisor: Prof. Pietro Manzini

Barbara Korcari

"Citizenship and statelessness in the EU"

Supervisor: Prof. Marco Balboni

Fulvio Leonzio

"The local dimension in the implementation of EU green policies: the possible contribution of metropolitan cities"

Supervisor: Prof. Marco Balboni

Zhibo Luan

"E-Commerce Rules in European Union and China: A Comparative Analysis"

Supervisor: Prof.ssa Marina Timoteo

Daniel Raya Quero

"Legal Structure of the Digital Euro"

Supervisor: Prof. Marco Lamandini

Co-Supervisor: Dott. Manuel Castilla (Universidad de Granada)

Virginia Remondino

"The nexus among trade, climate and energy: environmental regulation through the new generation of free trade agreements concluded by the European Union"

Supervisor: Prof. Federico Casolari

Alberto Vecchio

"A circular economy as a model for sustainable development. Between costs, benefits and social impact"

Supervisor: Prof. Michele Belletti


Matilde Biagiotti

"Inclusion strategies through participation in workplace for organizational well-being" 

Supervisor: Prof. Emanuele Menegatti

Co-supervisor: Prof. Davide Casale

Giulia Mangiafico

"Competition law and the labour market: the challenges of digitisation"

Supervisor: Prof. Pietro Manzini

Co-Supervisor: Prof. Mauro Gatti

Martina Minardi

"Fiscal federalism in the European Union"

 Cotutela - Panthéon Assas Université (Paris II)

Supervisors: Prof. Mauro Gatti, Prof. Francesco Martucci

Co-Supervisor: Prof. Federico Casolari

Agnese Palazzi

"The role of emerging technologies in the Common European Asylum System and the right to effective judicial protection"

Supervisor: Prof. Marco Borraccetti

Co-Supervisor: Prof.ssa Emanuela Pistoia

Vittoria Parroco

"Corporate due diligence for the protection of workers' rights. A comparison of the strategies"

Supervisor: Prof. Emanuele Menegatti

Co-supervisor: Prof. Nicola Soldati

Irene Sicignano

"Biodiversity as a common heritage of the European Union: loyal cooperation between Member States and nature preservation"

Supervisor: Prof. Federico Casolari

Co-Supervisor: Prof. Pietro Manzini

Anna Vicinanza

"EU action on media concentration and pluralism"

Supervisor: Prof. Pietro Manzini


Alessandro Barazza

"Right to privacy and child protection in the digital age in the light of the 'best interests of the child' principle"

Supervisor: Prof. Giacomo Di Federico

Co-supervisor: Prof.ssa Claudia Golino

Mattia Elia


Supervisor: Prof. Mauro Gatti

Co-supervisor: Prof. Federico Casolari

Gustav Krøll

"The potential of the EU as a regulator of good governance i sports governing organizations"

Supervisor: Prof. Pietro Manzini

Co-supervisor: Prof. Giacomo Di Federico

Klarissa Martins Sckayer Abicalam

"The EU Trade Policy for Women’s Economic Empowerment: Is It Adequate and Effective to build a New Sustainable Global Order that leaves no Women Behind?"

Supervisor: Prof.ssa Elisa Baroncini

Co-supervisor: Prof. Pieralberto Mengozzi

Francesca Neyroz

"The local dimension of fundamental rights in the era of technological transition. The urban digital twin in the European regulatory framework"

Supervisor: Prof.ssa Claudia Golino

Co-supervisor: Prof. Fabio Bravo

Sofia Nicolai

"Twin transitions: how to combine EU decarbonisation and digitalisation policies to ensure fair and transparent energy consumers’ data management at national level"

Supervisor: Prof. Federico Casolari

Co-supervisor: Dott.ssa Lorenza Badiello

Elvira Maria Rosaria Oliva

"The European approach to the regulation of artificial intelligence: between risk management and protection of fundamental rights. The case of credit scoring systems"

Supervisor: Prof. Pietro Manzini

Co-supervisor: Prof.ssa Beatrice Bertarini

Giorgia Quinzi

"Administrative discretion in tax proceedings"

Supervisor: Prof. Francesco Tundo

Co-supervisor: Prof. Nicola Soldati