Academic requirements - Cycle 38 and 39

IBES PhD Students must

  1. attend and successfully complete at least 60 hours of the IBES training provided for their curricula during their career;
  2. carry out a research period of at least 3 months abroad;
  3. attend at least 1 Summer School or 1 National/International School, whose topic is close to their own research topic;
  4. present at least one paper at an international conference on a topic related to their research topic;
  5. publish at least one article on an international journal on a topic related to their research topic;
  6. comply with the specific requirements for their curricula.

Recognition of attendance hours

When the activity is over, the professor submits the list of attendees who have successfully passed the final assessment to the IBES Admin. Staff.

Then, the PhD Manager records the accumulated number of attendance hours for each PhD Student.


PhD Manager

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