Computational genomics: Machine Learning algorithms for exploring the genetic basis of COVID-19 severity

The seminar is held by Simone Furini, Professor at the University of Siena

  • Date: 13 MAY 2022  from 11:00 to 13:00

  • Event location: LIB-M (room 3007) - via dell'Università, 50 - Cesena - In presence and online event

  • Type: Seminar


COVID-19 has a broad spectrum of clinical presentations: from asymptomatic patients to those with severe symptoms leading to death. Host genetics is likely to explain part of this variability in clinical manifestations. Identifying which genetic factors contribute to severity might reveal biological mechanisms underlying the severe phenotype and suggest relevant information for prompt clinical intervention. In this seminar, I will discuss the results of genome wide association studies for COVID-19 susceptibility and severity, and present a predictive model for COVID-19 severity based on a combination of common and rare genetic variants.


prof. Stefano Severi

Associate Professor

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