Non-Thermal Plasmas in Biology: Generation and Applications

A seminar by prof. Gabriele Neretti

  • Date: 19 DECEMBER 2017  from 11:00 to 2:00

  • Event location: Auletta DEI - School of Architecture and Engineering (I floor historical building), viale del Risorgimento 2, Bologna

  • Type: Seminar

Curriculum: Electrical Engineering

Air water discharge


Non-thermal plasmas are nowadays extensively studied for their applications in the biological domain.

The possibility to be ignited at atmospheric pressure and their ability to promote chemical reactions maintaining low temperatures associated with limited power consumption, are most attracting features of this typology of discharges. Among other applications, sterilization, surface and living tissues treatments are most investigated ones. Several typologies of discharges as Dielectric Barrier Discharges or plasma jets, and different supply voltage waveforms, as DC, AC and nanopulsed are widespread used. In this lecture, all these aspects are briefly discussed, by considering major contributes performed by the Plasma Laboratory of DEI Department in Bologna.

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Gabriele Neretti

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