On-line optimal input design to increase the efficiency and accuracy of the modelling of an inducible synthetic promoter

A seminar by Lucia Bandiera, EPSRC Research Fellow, The University of Edinburgh - UK

  • Date: 13 NOVEMBER 2018  from 9:00 to 12:00

  • Event location: Room 2.8, School of Architecture and Engineering, via dell’Università 50, Cesena

  • Type: Seminar


Synthetic biology seeks to design biological parts and circuits that implement new functions in cells. Major accomplishments have been reported in this field, yet predicting a priori the in vivo behaviour of synthetic gene circuits is a major challenge. Mathematical models offer a means to address this bottleneck. However, in biology, modelling is perceived as an expensive, time-consuming task. Indeed, the quality of predictions depends on the accuracy of parameters, which are traditionally inferred from poorly informative data. Using model-based optimal experimental design (MBOED) provides a significant advantage in the identification of models of biological parts and should thus be integrated into their characterisation.


Stefano Severi

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Lucia Bandiera

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