The Ph.D. Board plans and manages the Ph.D. Programme: it is responsible for the scientific and educational activities within the doctoral course.

In details, the Ph.D. board:

  • defines the assessment criteria of the admission exam to the course;
  • identify of the supervisors;
  • plans the training and research activities, for each academic year and for each student;
  • the annual rules for evaluating the work done and the results produced by the doctoral students.

The Ph.D. Programme Director

Coordination of the Ph.D. Board is entrusted to a professor belonging to the University.

The Ph.D. Programme Director is elected by the Ph.D. Board among its members and appointed by the Rector's Decree. He has a three-year tenure.

He/She oversees the activities of the Ph.D. program, convenes and chairs the Ph.D. Board.

The Ph.D. Programme Director now in office is prof. Michele Monaci

Laboratory of automation engineering


Every academic year IBES enrolls about 14 - 16 Ph.D. students.

Each student joins a research group in one of the DEI laboratories in Bologna or Cesena.

In accordance with his/her supervisor, the students starts immediately to develope the research project.