Learning programme

IBES is taught completely in English and lasts 3 academic years.

Teacher with a student in front of a PC

The educational path consists in a common program, aimed at providing the fundamental research enablers to every student along with networking opportunities.

In fact, the methodologies of many research topics are relevant to students of all the 3 doctoral curricula.

For this reason, there are organized common events and teaching activities that encourage student interaction, methodology sharing, cultural exchange and multidisciplinary training.

This common path includes courses on soft skills, and Scientific English language.

Moreover, the learning track includes an ad-hoc designed path for each individual PhD strictly related to the selected research topic.

Over the 3 years PhD students perfect their language skills (expression and argumentation), mature an original investigation methodology, interact with PhD Students in other subjects, create life lasting interpersonal relationships.

The educational path must include:

  • attending at least 1 summer school o international PhD school;
  • spending at least 3 months abroad in a research institute, company or University, partner of the DEI Department;
  • attending to qualified international conferences, tutorials, seminars;
  • submitting papers to international scientific publications.