Courses and events


Our programme offers top-level research training  in a multidisciplinary research environment with a broad spectrum of methodologies, and is aimed at training highly motivated candidates for both academic and applied career paths. We are deeply committed to research training and are eager to work closely with PhD students in ways that suit their interests and talents.  Throughout the three-year programme  students will work on their research projects. Focus courses  will lay the foundation for interdisciplinary research by teaching students methodological skills. The third year will be dedicated almost exclusively to research and dissertation writing. In addition to their own scientific research activity and experimental investigation, during the PhD  students are expected to attend various advanced courses, training and seminars organized by the Department of Psychology. Moreover, PhD students will repeatedly present their work to the Academic Board and to the Department of Psychology, thus fostering their presentation skill


The schedule of educational-training-scientific activities to be carried out is divided into:

-       Courses: During the Doctoral program, Ph.D. students must complete, by successfully passing final examinations, 60 hours of teaching courses (including 48 hours in the first year and 12 in the second year). All courses are delivered in English and combine theoretical explanations and practical exercises; they involve a final evaluation of the acquired knowledge and skills. Teachings are structured in one or more modules of 4 hours each (for a maximum of 12 hours for course). Lessons are delivered in presence

-       Other teaching activities (seminars, laboratory and research activities, interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary, and transdisciplinary training)

Enrolled PhD students receive the complete list of activities at the beginning of the academic year.