Phd Course

The PhD Program’s distinctive topic is the relationship between sport, health and well-being in its unitary complexity. Such relationship defines a research
field with both a strongly cohesive content and an intrinsic openness to multi-and inter
-disciplinary approaches.
This general theme is articulated in one of the following three areas:

Physical activity, nutrition and drugs for well-being promotion and health protection: determinants and benefits of a healthy lifestyle
;, exercise for special populations; research and development of drugs for health protection; biomarkers’ analysis for monitoring the well-being status; metabolism and nutrition.

Sport performance: multi- and inter-disciplinary
investigation of the factors determining human performance in sport and other activities that push humans to the limits of their physical and mental capacity; analysis, development and learning of sports techniques; monitoring and optimization of the training process; preparation for sports competitions.

Sport as a means to education and sustainable development: analysis of the values conveyed by sport to promote social inclusion, environmental sustainability, and global citizenship; teaching and learning of culture in childhood, in relation to movement and the human body; good practices for starting and practicing sports; education to the factors of individual and social well-being in the current reality; role of the context in promoting human development.

The various research topics will be developed by stressing those “soft-skills” components that allow to locate rigorous disciplinary investigations exactly into the horizon where, today, extremely useful answers for the promotion of sport, health, and well-being can emerge.

 Keywords: Sport; Training; Well-being; Health Protection; Drugs; Nutrition; Physical Activity; Play & Game; Outdoor Education.