Journal Club, seminars, conferences, training schools, and tutoring activities

The B2F2 training portfolio has been designed to provide B2F2 students with essential Pharmacy and Biotechnology scientific skills, as well as transferable skills in research development/funding opportunities, IP and knowledge transfer, scientific writing and ethical problems. The student can choose among a range of seminars, courses, training schools for a total of 70 hours/year.

  • In addition to the dedicated B2F2 Seminar Series (see below), departmental seminars are held monthly by invited speakers and international guests at the Department of Pharmacy and Biotechnology (https://fabit.unibo.it/it/eventi?t=seminari), as well as by UNIBO ISA fellows  (http://www.isa.unibo.it/it/attivita/isa-lectures)
  • students are strongly encouraged to participate to Summer or Winter Schools. Particularly, the Department of Pharmacy and Biotechnology annually organizes a Summer ("Summer School in Chemical And Genomics-Based Strategies In The Discovery Of Novel Drug Targets") and a Winter School ("Bioinformatics") on peculiar topics of B2F2 Ph.D. program, different every year
  • dedicated courses “Come scrivere un paper” and “Il Processo di Peer Review” are mandatory and with final exam
  • dedicated courses "Scienza degli Animali da Laboratorio" and "Handling of Radioisotopes in Biology" are offered as cooperation with the Cellular and Molecular Biology PhD program
  • after receiving formal approval by the Coordinator, students can follow any course of the Masters in Bioinformatics and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology or other Master programs promoted by the Department of Pharmacy and Biotechnology
  • Specific training for Research Funding Opportunities and Intellectual Property is offered every year as seminars in collaboration with UNIBO staff

Attendance of at least one international conference on topics inherent to the respective research project is recommended.

Lab tutoring activities in Degree and/or Master’s Degree courses inherent to the respective research topics are allowed for a maximum 60 hours/year.

PhD Journal Club

The B2F2 Journal Club is periodically organized by the B2F2 Journal Club Committee (Coordinator + 2 Ph.D students).

Over 1 hour a first-year Ph.D. student presents and discusses a recent scientific publication related to a topic within the Pharmacy and Biotechnology field with the other fellows and the Faculty members. The presenting student is in charge of selecting a paper of interest and request approval by the Committee.

The Journal Club is a teaching activity for all Ph.D. students, also open to doctoral students from other programs as well as to interested researchers. For information about participation please contact rebecca.orioli3@unibo.it or gianfranco.martino2@unibo.it

Biotechnological, Biocomputational, Pharmaceutical and Pharmacological Sciences (B2F2) Ph.D. seminar series

This is a series of seminars that are highly interactive and include “meet-the-speakers” sessions. Our Ph.D. students will have the opportunity to interact and network with inspiring scientists who conduct top-quality research in the bio-pharmaceutical field. The aim is double: on one hand to talk about high-level science, on the other, about career choices and development, work-life balance and other matters.

A 30-min scientific talk followed by a 15-min Q&A session. The speaker, in addition to the title of the speech, will provide a picture and a short bio (2-3 lines) with the link to her/his webpage to be published on the websites of our PhD program. After the seminar, the speaker will be available for further 30 min to talk and discuss with the students in an informal setting.

The conversation will be guided by 2 Ph.D. students, who will act as Chairs.

For further details and to know more about the speakers, check the events on the website agenda!