33° cycle

  • SAPIENZA SALVATORE, Ethical Perspectives on Big Data in Agri-Food: ownership and governance for safety. Supervisors: Monica Palmirani (UNIBO), Mark D. Cole (UNILUX)
  • BINCOLETTO GIORGIA, Data protection by design in the e-health care sector: theoretical and applied perspectives. Supervisors: Roberto Caso (UNITN), Monica Palmirani (UNIBO), Mark D. Cole (UNILUX)
  • GALLI FEDERICO, Algorithmic business and the EU law on fair trading. Supervisors: Giovanni Sartor (UNIBO), Christoph Schommer (UNILUX)
  • LEONE VALENTINA, The Role of Ontology Design Patterns in Extracting and Representing Knowledge Detected from Privacy Policies. Supervisors: Luigi Di Caro (UNITO), Martin Theobald (UNILUX)
  • BOMPREZZI CHANTAL, Implications of blockchain-based smart contracts on contract law. Supervisors: Giusella Finocchiaro (UNIBO), Luca Ratti (UNILUX)

32° cycle

  • ANDREJ DAMESKI, Towards the Foundations of an Ethical Framework for AI Entities: Ethics of Systems Approach. Supervisors: Giovanni Sartor (UNIBO), Leon Van Der Torre (UNILUX)
  • OLEKSII KONASHEVYCH, Tokenization of Real Estate on Blockchain. Supervisors: Marta Poblet (UAB), Pompeu Casanovas (LA TROBE; UAB)
  • ALUNGE NNANGSOPE ROGERS ALUNGE, A Comparative Assessment between the regional legal frameworks on personal data breaches of Europe and the United States Of America. Supervisors: Massimo Durante (UNITO), Michele Graziadei (UNITO)
  • URBANO REVIGLIO DELLA VENARIA, Personalization of Social Media:Challenges and Opportunities for Individuals and Democratic Societies. Supervisors: Giovanni Ziccardi (MILANO STATALE)
  • MARCO CREPALDI, Distributed consensus systems and the law: trust, governance, and legitimacy. Supervisors: Ugo Pagallo (UNITO)
  • LAMAN YUSIFOVA, Privacy in Research and Medical Application of Brain Computer Interface. Supervisors: Carla Faralli (UNIBO), Juri Monducci (UNIBO), Roberto D'Alessandro (UNIBO)
  • ZAVALETA SALINAS DANIEL, Towards Integrity Machines: Design Theory for IS addressing COIs in the public sector. Supervisors: Massimo Durante (UNITO)