35 cycle students

Arash Aghakhani

Affiliation: Department of Industrial Engineering

Thesis Theme: Low carbon systems for climate change mitigation and adaptation

Daniele Arcangeli

Affiliation: INGV Bologna

Thesis Theme: Quantification of uncertainty in local tsunami models in the context of multi-hazard and multi-risk applications

Peyman Arjomandi Akram

Affiliation: Department of civil, chemical environmental and material engineering

Thesis Theme: water resource management for climate adaptation

Emanuele Biondini

Affiliation: Department of Physics and Astronomy

Thesis Theme: Analysis of earthquake predictability

Silvia Cercatillo

Affiliation: Department of Chemistry

Thesis theme: Dendrochronology and radiocarbon dating

Elisa Cozzani

Affiliation: NATO Center for maritime research and experimentation in La Spezia

Thesis Theme: Ocean small scale high frequency dynamics: modelling and observation

Stefano Della fera

Affiliation: CNR-IFAC in Florence

Thesis Theme: Top of the atmosphere heat fluxes from satellite measurements

Erica De Paolo

Affiliation: INGV- Rome

Thesis theme: Development of inversion methods of volcanic sources from numerical models

Mahmud Hasan Ghani

Affiliation: Department of Physics and Astronomy

Thesis Theme: Ensemble  methods to understand uncertainties and for ocean forecasting

Antonio Giordani

Affiliation: Department of Physics and Astronomy and ARPAE

Thesis Theme: Boundary layer physics in regional atmospheric forecasting models

Irene Maggiore

Affiliation: Department of Industrial Chemistry

Development of new microbiological biofuel cells

Francesco Maicu

Affiliation: CMCC-Bologna

Thesis Theme: Air-sea interactions in coupled ocean-atmosphere models

Eugenio Mandler

Affiliation: Department of Physics and Astronomy

Thesis Theme: Analysis of slow deformations from seismological and geodetic data

Matteo Mannocchi

Affiliation: Department of Political and Social Sciences

Thesis Theme: Constructing the Suitable Environment for Water Stressed Areas

Matteo Meli

Affiliation: Department of Biological, Geological and Environmental Sciences

Thesis Theme: Regional assessment of sea level for the coastal region of Emilia Romagna

Sara Moraca

Affiliation: CNR-ISAC in Bologna

Thesis Theme: Communication strategies in the field of Global Change and its impacts

Paolo Pettinari

Affiliation: ISAC-CNR Bologna

Thesis Theme: Radiative transfer methods to investigate the variability of atmospheric climate forcing agents

Marco Possega

Affiliation: Department of Physics and Astronomy

Thesis Theme: Simulations of extreme drought events on the coast of Emilia Romagna

Amal Salhi

Affiliation: CMCC Lecce

Thesis Theme: Assessment of  datasets relative to vessel tracking, energy efficiency, emissions, and performance

Julia Selivanova

Affiliation: CMCC- Bologna

Thesis theme: Advanced ocean\sea ice modelling of the high latitudes dynamics 

Marco Stefanelli

Affiliation: CMCC Lecce

Data assimilation for advanced cross-scale ocean modelling



Affiliation: Department of Agricultural and Food Sciences