The Courses offered are normally taken in the first six months of the PhD program

The PhD program is organized around 5 Curricula that are related to 5 Research Themes called (a) the earth system, (b) impacts, adaptation and vulnerability, (c) Technological innovations for a decarbonized society, (d) Socio-economic and legal studies for mitigation of climate change, and (e) One Health.

The students will be expected to choose one of these themes as their Main Theme. Transdisciplinary/interdisciplinary training will be insured by ensuring that three thematic courses are taken in the first part of the academic first year.

The Training is subdivided into:

a) Thematic courses focused of the 5 Research Themes;

b) Specialized courses.

A total of 6 courses will have to be chosen by the student, in consultation with the supervisor, among the ones offered.

Each student will have to choose three out of the 5 Thematic courses. These courses will be offered from November to January of the first year. The exams will be taken in January of the first year.

Three other courses will be chosen among the "Specialized courses" offered in the "Main Theme" of the student. These courses will be offered in February-March of the first year. The exams will be taken in March-April of the first year.

In addition to the thematic and specialized courses 12 hours of High Perfomance Computing and Big Data are offered by CINECA teachers and 4 hours of Information Literacy. 8 more hours will be offered for Ethics in science and research and proposal preparation and writing.

  • Climate change and social change

36-th cycle courses

The 36-th cycle courses will be starting November 9, 2020 with a inauguration day.
The first three courses will be held between Nov,10, 2020 and December 18, 2020. January will be left for the tests that will under the form of home assignments.
The second three courses will be taken in the month of february-march and tests will be undertaken in march-april 2021.

  • Final November-December 2020 schedule

    [ .pdf 31Kb ]

    The courses agenda in all details, there is a change for the lectures of Prof. Dinelli who cannot do them in December. So we shifted them to Jan 7, 2021

  • Syllabi Thematic courses XXXVI Cycle

    [ .pdf 207Kb ]

    Here is the last version of the Syllabi with also the tests specified

  • 36-th cycle inauguration Day

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    The inauguration will be held via Teams, pls connect to this link:

  • 36-th cycle course on HPC and Big data, April 14-23, 2021

    [ .pdf 102Kb ]

    The purpose of this introductory set of lectures is to present researchers and scientists with methods, tools and techniques for exploring and mining large data sets.

Syllabi and schedule of specialized courses

The courses will start on February 1, 2021 and end February 28.
Tests should be submitted to the Lead Teacher of the courses by March 31, 2021.

Compulsory Seminar participation and documentation

The PhD Committee, at its meeting on 27/02/2020 decided that:
1) PhD students should participate to a minimum number of seminars of 15 over the 3 year period;
2) Schools/workshops/seminars at least as long as 3 days (minimum of 2 hours/day) will be considered as 5 seminars.
It is suggested that for Schools/workshops/seminars a certificate of participation is requested by the student to the organization of the event.
In case of a seminar it is possible to use the attached letter as a self-declaration to confirm the participation to the seminars.