The Call for Applications for the PhD programmes - 37th cycle (a.y. 2021/2022) is now open.

Important dates
Deadline for online application 21st May 2021, 12:00 (CEST)
Interviews (remote) from 8th June 2021, 10:00 (CEST)
Ranking from 15th June 2021
Starting of activities November 1st, 2021

Available PhD positions

6 PhD studentships for A.Y. 2021/22 are available at University of Bologna for candidates interested in any area of Statistical Sciences.

One of the grants is linked to development of the topic-specific PhD project Statistical methods for the analysis of internet-based genealogy data in demography, within H2020 ERC project - “Genes, genealogies and the evolution of demographic change and social inequality” (P.I. prof N. Barban).
All available positions will be covered by a scholarship. The award will be for three years, subject to satisfactory progress.

Who can apply

Applicants may be of any age or citizenship, and must have a 2nd cycle degree or a single cycle degree from an Italian university or an equivalent qualification from other countries of at least four years' duration.
Applicants with non-Italian citizenship, currently resident outside of Italy and with a second cycle degree awarded by a non-Italian University, can also apply to the selection for the admission to the International PhD College of the Institute of Advanced Studies (ISA). See the page for details. ISA PhD fellow will be offered free accommodation.

Selection procedure

Admission is governed by a competition that allocates scholarships on the basis of comparative merit. Comparative assessment is made by the Boards of Examiners, appointed according to the University regulations, that evaluates qualifications and interviews candidates. After the selection process has been completed, the Board of Examiners draws up a merit list. Scholarships are allocated according to the ranking established in the merit list.
Qualifications include: undergraduate and/or master degrees transcripts of records, curriculum, scientific publications, GRE and TOEFL (if available), awards, grants, one letter of recommendation and a statement of purpose, motivating why the University of Bologna and a PhD in Statistics would be a good intellectual fit for you.
Interviews will be done by Microsoft Teams. During the interview, candidates will be able to express their interest in participating to the selection for the topic-specific position.

Suggested readings for the interview:

- Casella, G., & Berger, R. L. (2002). Statistical inference (Vol. 2). Pacific Grove, CA: Duxbury.
- Mood A. Graybill F.A., Boes D.C. (1974): Introduction to the Theory of Statistics, McGraw Hill College.

International prospective doctoral students -admitted to the PhD programme and formally enrolled before September 30th 2021- applying for the admission to the International PhD College, will be invited to an interview via the institutional and personal e-mail address indicated in the application for the PhD programme, if all requirements are met.