Mathematica: from zero to hero - Cycle 38 - Short Courses

Prof. G.Spaletta

  • Date:

    24 NOVEMBER 2022
     from 9:00 to 17:00
  • Event location: Aula IV, Via Belle Arti 41

  • Type: Cycle 38 - Short courses and seminars

AimsA compact introduction to the scientific environment of Mathematica, which is widely used in mathematics and statistics, as well as in the physical, natural and engineering sciences; here, in particular,  a final focus is on Special Functions.

Learning outcomesThis hands-on course provides students who are new to Mathematica with the basics to get started. They will learn to work with notebooks, perform symbolic and numeric calculations, generate 2D and 3D graphics, create simple interactive interfaces to visualize and analyze data. Particular attention is paid to tools for Special Functions,  to allow students to elaborate examples presented in the Special Functions course, within this same Doctoral Programme.

Final Exam: TBA

Course contents

- Mathematica rules
- Numerical evaluation to arbitrary precision
- Graphics, plots and interactivity
- Using Built-in functions (power, exponential, trigonometric, basic descriptive statistics, etc)
- Defining own's functions
- General solvers for differentiation and integration
- Function expansion in terms of simpler functions
- Function symbolic simplification
- Gamma and related functions