Modern design of experiments

Maroussa Zagoraiou, Marco Novelli, Rosmarie Frieri

  • Date:

    23 JANUARY
    05 FEBRUARY 2024
     from 10:00 to 13:30
  • Event location: Aula IV, Department of Statistical Sciences, Via Belle Arti 41 (STAT PhD Classes Virtual Room on need)

  • Type: Cycle 39 - Short courses and seminars

Aims: To introduce the fundamental principles of statistically designed experiments. A variety of modern methods, namely sequential experiments in which the experimenter wishes to make use of the information accrued along the way, will be overviewed, connections between them emphasised and ongoing research challenges introduced.

Learning outcomes: An understanding of the major different mechanisms for data collection via adaptive experimental design, their similarities and differences. An appreciation of the impact of the choice of design on the precision and accuracy of the subsequent statistical modelling and inference. An awareness of the challenges presented to data collection methodologies from modern scientific experiments and studies. Familiarity with some of the practical issues in implementing adaptive designs in comparative experiments.

Final exam: group presentation

Course contents

- A brief introduction to the Design of Experiments
- Allocation adaptive designs
- Covariate adaptive designs
- Response adaptive designs


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