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The PhD program in Civil, Chemical, Environmental and Materials Engineering offers a correct methodology for advanced scientific research, adopting innovative methods and new technologies, and provides internships abroad as well as attendance of research laboratories.


Academic year 2017 - 2018
Subject area Engineering Studies
Coordinator Professor Luca Vittuari
Language English, Italian
Duration 3 years
Positions and scholarships 16
Call deadline May 29, 2017 1:00 pm
Final ranking list Final ranking list available on Studenti Online
Doctoral programme start date Nov 01, 2017


Main Department

Dept of Civil, Chemical, Environmental and Materials Engineering

Doctoral Programme in collaboration with enterprises, Industrial Doctorates and Apprenticeship

(art. 2, comma 2, lett. e) del D.M. n. 45/2013)

STP s.r.l.
Aliva s.r.l

Mobility abroad

Yes (6 months)

Curricula and Research topics

  1. Engineering of infrastructure, resources and territory:
    Hydraulics and Hydraulic works  
    Sanitary engineering  
    Roads and Transports  
    Topography and cartography  
    Geoengineering and georesources  
    Applied geology
  2. Structural and Geotechnical Engineering:
    Continuum mechanics  
  3. Chemical and process engineering:
    Principles of chemical engineering  
    Chemical plants  
    Fundamental of Chemical Process Development  
    Industrial and technological chemistry
  4. Materials engineering and industrial biotechnology:
    Fundamental Chemistry of Technologies  
    Materials Science and Technology  
    Industrial, food and environmental biotechnologies


Job opportunities and potential areas of employment

Carrer opportunities are related to all the positions requiring senior researchers who are able to manage, co-ordinate and carry out research and development projects in all the typical fields of civil, or chemical, or environmental and Materials engineering and industrial biotechnology. In the academic 2012/2013, the PhD programme in Civil, Environmental and Materials Engineering and that in Chemical, Environmental and Safety Engineering merged by giving rise the new programme PhD@DICAM. Most of the PhD students who attended in the last years the two previous PhD programmes obtained a professionally satisfying employment at public or private bodies: public administration, utilities management agencies, professional companies, research institutes. Around 20% of the employments were obtained abroad. Around 40% remained in the academic environment at the University of Bologna or others, obtaining a permanent position or a temporary position within project contracts.