Curriculum 1 - Infrastructure, Resources and Land Engineering

Topics of interest

 Current resarch areas of the curriculum:

    • fluid mechanics and hydraulic modeling
    • hydrology, climate processes and water resources management
    • river and torrent hydraulics and landscape preservation
    • maritime hydraulics and coastal engineering
    • water treatment and quality management in the water cycle
    • water distribution and drainage systems
    • analysis of transportation demand
    • transportation networks analysis
    • materials for road and safety in road infrastructures
    • management and maintenance of road infrastructures
    • geodetic techniques and applications
    • survey techniques for environmental and landscape applications
    • survey techniques for cultural heritage applications
    • applied geology and geomorphology
    • georesources and geoengineering modeling
    • excavation engineering and safety
    • LCA, raw material and recycling engineering
    • petroleum, geothermal and underground water engineering
    • rocks and porous media characterization
    • engineering technologies for developing countries