Admission procedure

How to Access the PhD in Health and Technology

PhD Programme attendance at the University of Bologna is conditional upon passing an examination carried out on an annual basis. The provisions governing the selection procedure are laid down in the Call for Applications and its attachments. The Call for Application is published in April every year, and the deadline for application submission is one month after the publication date.

Basic requirements:

Applicants, regardless of age and citizenship status, can apply for the admission to the selection procedure if they have awarded at least one of the following degrees:

  1. Laurea Magistrale, Magistrale a ciclo unico or Laurea Specialistica (Master’s Degree);
  2. Laurea di Vecchio Ordinamento (pre-1999 reform);
  3. A Second Cycle Degree awarded by academic institutions part of AFAM (Alta Formazione Artistica e Musicale);
  4. A non-Italian Second Cycle Degree (Master’s Degree or Single Cycle Degree) awarded by an academic institution equivalent to the above-mentioned degrees (points 1, 2, 3).

Applicants who are yet to obtain their Second Cycle Degree are admitted to the selection procedure on condition that they obtain their degree before the beginning of the PhD course (the date is specified in the yearly call, usually the end of October).

How to apply:

No application fee is to be paid.
Application must be submitted accessing Studenti Online and logging in using UNIBO student credentials or registering by providing the required information.
After registering applicants will receive their credentials (i.e. <name>.<surname> This will be the only email account (which will be activated upon registration) where they will receive all communication regarding the admission procedure. Applicants must use this address to send emails to any University office. To ensure the protection of the applicants’ privacy, the University administrative offices will not be able to reply to emails sent by accounts other than <name>.<surname>

Required documents:

1. Scanned valid ID with photograph

2. Curriculum Vitae

3. Documents* attesting the completion and awarding of both first and second cycle degrees. The documents must include:

- Name of the awarding institution;
- Type of degree;
- Name of the degree programme;
- “Classe di laurea” (only for degrees awarded in Italy);
- Date in which the degree has been awarded;
- Final mark;
- Academic transcript of records, including the full list of the exams taken and the related marks, as well as the related CFU or ECTS (if provided by the education system of the Country in which the degree has been awarded);
- "Media ponderata dei voti degli esami” (weighted average mark, only for degrees awarded in Italy)
For applicants who are yet to obtain their second cycle degree by the date they apply:
- Academic transcript of records, including the full list of the exams taken and the related marks. Please also indicate the related CFU or ECTS (if provided by the education system of the Country in which the degree will be awarded). The record must include the “media ponderata dei voti degli esami“ (weighted average , only for graduate students enrolled in Italian Universities) 

4. Further supporting documents (e.g. reference letters)

5. For applicants who need to request an adaptation for the Admission test (i.e. Oral examination): Request of Adaptation Form and valid health documents

6. Motivation letter for the participation in the International PhD College activities

7. A proposal of interdisciplinary research project: the document must propose an innovative research project, clearly outlining the background, relevance, and rationale of the proposed research activity, as well as a work program feasible in the 3-year time frame of the PhD course, and the expected results. The project topic is not constrained to, but suggested to be selected among the research topics listed in the PhD Program Table (to be downloaded at the PdD Programme Page) and associated to the available scholarships. The lack of the project proposal in the application will imply the non-admission of the applicant to the Oral examination, since the positive project evaluation is necessary to reach the minimal evaluation threshold to be admitted to the oral examination.


*Documents must be written in Italian or English. In case of documents written in any other language, the official Italian and/or English translation is required. To be accepted, the translation must be issued by the awarding University or by other relevant authorities.

**According to current legislation, the University must reject certifications issued by other Italian public administrations. Therefore, academic degrees must be attested only using self-certificates if awarded by Italian public universities.