Doctoral Programme



The mission of the Doctoral programme in Health and Technology is to promote a more translational biomedical technological research and drive a wider adoption of advanced biomedical technologies in the clinical and industrial practice. 

Our vision is that of strongly interdisciplinary PhD programme, where every single project is supervised by a technology expert and a biomedical expert, and aims to produce results well beyond the current state of the art. 




Name - Discipline - Area - Department 

Focarete Maria Letizia - Industrial Chemistry - TECH - Chimica 

Stagni Rita - Industrial Bioengineering - TECH - DEI 

Diciotti Stefano - Electronic and Informatics Bioengineering - TECH - DEI 

Chiari Lorenzo - Electronic and Informatics Bioengineering - TECH - DEI 

Neretti Gabriele - Electrical Engineering - TECH - DEI 

Capellari Sabina - Neurology - MED - DIBINEM 

Cenacchi Giovanna - Pathology - MED - DIBINEM 

Faldini Cesare - Orthopaedics - MED - DIBINEM 

Lotti Nadia - Principles of Chemistry for Applied Technologies - TECH - DICAM 

Borghi Claudio - Internal Medicine - MED - DIMEC 

Cicero Arrigo Francesco Giuseppe - Food and Dietetic Sciences - MED - DIMEC 

De Iaco Pierandrea - Obstetrics and Gynaecology - MED - DIMEC 

Diemberger Igor - Cardiovascular Diseases - MED - DIMES 

Castellani Gastone Applied Physics - MED - DIMES 

Pasquinelli Gianandrea - Biotechnology and Methods In Laboratory Medicine - MED - DIMES 

Sambri Vittorio - Microbiology and Clinical Microbiology - MED - DIMES 

Schiavina Riccardo - Urology - MED - DIMES 

Viceconti Marco - Industrial Bioengineering - TECH - DIN 

Cristofolini Luca - Industrial Bioengineering - TECH - DIN 

Colombo Vittorio - Nuclear Reactor Physics - TECH - DIN 

Martini Carla - Metallurgy - TECH - DIN 

Bevilacqua Alessandro - Information Processing Systems - TECH - DISI 

Chesani Federico - Information Processing Systems - TECH - DISI 

Canestrari Stefano - Criminal Law - MED - DSG 

Calzà Laura - Veterinary Anatomy - MED - FABIT 

Romei Vincenzo - Psychobiology and Physiological Psychology - MED - PSI 

Past Projects

• Chemo-physical and biological mechanisms behind the anticancer activity of plasma activated liquids for the treatment of peritoneal carcinosis from primitive epithelial ovarian/tubular tumour
• SmartHeart: Exploitation of built-in sensors of commercial smartphones to improve patient-centred cardiovascular diagnostic
• Integrating omics in prion diseases as a model to explore the strains paradigm in neurodegenerative disease (PriOmics)
• 3D Bioprinted Organ Models for Drug Discovery
• Smart Materials for actuators of transfemoral prosthesis
• Biomechanical and clinical characterization of techniques for augmenting and repairing the compromised vertebra and disc with techniques such as vertebroplasty and discoplasty
• Clinical assessment of spinal corrective surgery, and biomechanical evaluation of the causes of failure