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Research seminars with external speakers are held each week. Experts from different fields of management present their latest research and PhD students have the opportunity to meet the speakers. Please visit the Seminars calendar for more information.


My Cup of Tea is an internal initiative starting on January 2018 and aimed to connect the Programme Faculty with the doctoral students. Each month a Faculty member shares and discusses a working paper or project with the PhD students of all cycles in order to share information and personal experiences. Previous meetings were led by Elisa Montaguti and Sara Valentini (Consumer choice in an omni-channel world), Riccardo Fini, Maurizio Sobrero and Rosa Grimaldi (Entrepreneurship, science commercialization and impact) and Gabriele Pizzi and Daniele Scarpi (Virtual Reality and digital innovation in store). Ph.D. students and fellows have welcomed the first meetings with the following words:

The first cup of tea was remarkable. I had the chance to learn in detail the research is being developed in the department. Prof. Valentini and Prof. Montaguti prepared a very interesting and interactive presentation about the research they are conducting in marketing. It was very motivating to discuss the topic with them and with other colleagues. The opportunity of having lunch together after the presentation also created a unique opportunity to discuss this and other research topics in an informal environment. I'm looking forward for the next editions of “My Cup of Tea". (Ana Rita Domingues, 2nd year Ph.D. student)

An interesting insight on the importance of keeping the pace with the changes: when rigor and relevance are well combined, research is great !. (Donato Cutolo, 2nd year PhD. student)

I really enjoyed looking at what Prof. Montaguti and Valentini are pursuing within the marketing field: the most interesting thing was the greater vision that Prof. Montaguti provided about their approach to research. They strongly focus on phenomenon, and this emerged from their research path. I think it was useful to capture these research pillars of theirs, since it is alternative to other approaches more theory-driven. (Leonardo Boni, 2nd year Ph.D.Student)

Please take note of the following meetings:

  • April 27 (12:45-14:00) - Simone Ferriani, Andrea Carlo Lo Verso: Emergence and Legitimation of Novelty
  • May 18 (12:45-14:00) - Paola Giuri: University-Industry knowledge transfer
  • June 22 (12:45-14:00) - Daniele Mascia: Team learning under conditions of technological change: the case of robotic surgery
  • September 21 (12:45-14:00) - Rebecca Levy Orelli: Entreprise risk Management, risk representations and practice
  • October 19 (12:45-14:00) - Cristina Boari, Raffaele Corrado: Knowledge brokers and cluster evolution
  • November 23 (12:45-14:00) - Paolo Barbieri, Andrea Lipparini: The Value System: strategy and organization of operations and supply chains
  • December 14 (12:45-14:00) - Luca Zan