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Admission & Frequently Asked Questions

Per dottori di ricerca, dottorandi e candidati: di seguito alcune risposte alle domande più frequenti.

For PhD candidates (prospective, past and present): please, find below the answers to the most frequent questions.

Candidati ai corsi di Dottorato:

Per essere ammessi ai corsi di dottorato dell’Università di Bologna è necessario superare un concorso. Tutte le indicazioni sulla procedura di selezione sono contenute nel Bando, pubblicato in questa pagina.

Il Bando per l'a.a. 2018/2019 è scaduto il 14/05/2018. Il prossimo Bando sarà pubblicato nel 2019.

Prospective PhD candidates:

In order to be admitted in a PhD programme at the University of Bologna you should succeed in a public competition. The rules covering the selection procedure are provided by the call for applications, available at this web page.

Please, note that the Call for applications a.y. 2018/2019 expired on 14th May 2018. The next Call shall be published on 2019.


Certificati e autocertificazioni per dottori di ricerca e dottorandi

La pagina Certificati e autocertificazioni contiene le informazioni per ottenere certificati e autocertificazioni.

Accedendo a Studenti Online con le credenziali è possibile scaricare certificati e autocertificazioni.

Se hai smarrito username o password, vai su Recupero credenziali

Certificates and self-certifications for PhDs and PhD candidates

The web page Certificates and self-certifications provides information on how to obtain certificates and self-certifications.

Accessing Studenti Online with your user and password, you can download certificates and self-certifications.

In case you have forgotten your password, please see the page Recovering of University credentials.

 Informazioni per dottorandi

Nella Intranet, accessibile con le credenziali, sono disponibili tutte le informazioni di cui hai bisogno.

Se hai smarrito le credenziali, vai su Recupero credenziali

Information for PhD candidates

The University Intranet provides you essential information that you will need throughout your studies at the University of Bologna. You can log in with your user and password.

In case you have forgotten your password, please see the page Recovering of University credentials.

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Ph.D. Program 34th cycle: informations for candidates who have applied to the program and gone thought the selection procedure. Please refer to the official Call for applications for all information. Here under, an excerpt of this document. Alternatively you can email the doctoral  office at:


At the end of the selection process, the total score obtained by each applicant as well as the final ranking list will be published on Studenti Online, accessible with account and password. In the section “Summary of requests in progress”, the status of the application submitted shall be “Final ranking List available”. A click on “See detail”, will open the webpage where the pdf file “Graduatoria” can be downloaded (at the bottom of the page). When the Final ranking list shall be published, the status “Final ranking list available on Studenti Online" shall be indicated in the specific section devoted to the PhD programme on the University website. Please, note that written communication about the final results and the deadlines for the enrolment shall not be sent to the applicants. The available positions shall be awarded from the top of the ranking list downward. Successful applicants will be admitted to the PhD programme in line with the ranking list until all positions available are covered, without prejudice to the specific procedures for the awarding of the positions set out in Art. 9 of this call, concerning reserved positions and scholarships dedicated to specific research topics. In the event of an equal total score of two or more applicants, preference will be given to the youngest applicant, without prejudice to the rules governing the priority principle to be applied for the awarding of the scholarships as laid down by Art. 9 of the present Call. Successful applicants who are already enrolled in another PhD programme must withdraw from the previous programme before the enrolment at the University takes place. Applicants shall be excluded if, during the kick-off meeting, the Academic Board assigns them a research project falling within the same scientific area (Settore Scientifico Disciplinare) covering the project carried out within the framework of the previous PhD programme. PhD candidates having already been granted of a scholarship for participation in a PhD programme established in Italy cannot be allowed to receive the University scholarship, even if their research project does not fall within the scientific area covering the project carried out within the framework of the previous PhD programme.


Please refer to the official call for application for enrolment procedure