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Scholarships and Fees

The Ph.D. Programme in Management of the University of Bologna offers up to 5 fully funded grants. Only candidates with awarded with a grant can enroll in the Ph.D. Programme.

The yearly gross amount of the scholarships is € 15.343,28, as defined by the Ministerial Decree n. 40 of the 25/01/2018. Social-security contributions are deducted monthly from the gross scholarship by the University on behalf of the PhD candidates.

On top of this, students will receive up to 1.535 Euros from II to IV year, to cover research expenses as well as an increase of 30% of the yearly grant if they spend a minimum 1 (one) to 18 (eighteen) months visiting period at a prestigious international university.

Further financial support takes the form of teaching assistantships with official calls from the University, and research assistantships (usually administered by professors using their research funding).

The amount of the full tuition fees is around € 157,64 for each year.