The Ph.D. programme specializes into two main areas: Management and Accounting, Banking and Finance.

The Ph.D. programme offers courses in several areas such as organization theory, strategic management, corporate finance, research methods, social network analysis, marketing, and innovation management. 

Students are encouraged to pursue a personalized curriculum, by choosing courses from a wide range of options under the close supervision of distinguished academic members who are at the cutting edge of world research in their fields.

The learning opportunities involve the I year core courses for students of both tracks (Management and Accounting, Banking and Finance) and the II year optional courses of each track.

Throughout the Ph.D. journey the students are required to attend the department research seminars and provide seminars to present their Ph.D. thesis projects and outcomes.

The programme also offers courses on how to navigate the reviewing process of scientific journals, masterclasses on academic writing and a number of learning opportunities to prepare Ph.D. students for the job market.