Elective Courses - Track in Management II year

By the end of the II term of the first year, students must pick 3 elective courses to attend in their second year. In addition to the three courses, students will attend a PhD seminar on "The Art and Craft of managing the Review Process" by Prof. Simone Ferrriani (6-hour class).


  • Arts, History and Management (18 hours)
  • Consumer Behavior (18 hours)

    Course description: The course on Consumer Behavior of the doctoral programme has three main objectives: 1) to familiarize students with the theories and the methodological aspects that underlie consumer behavior theories; 2) to develop analytical capabilities towards the different research topics; 3) to stimulate the ability to conceptualize ans develop research ideas.

  • Technology management and entrepreneurship (18 hours)
    Course description: The course focuses on entrepreneurship as an engine of technological change and economic growth. The unit of analysis is the entrepreneur or entrepreneurial team. A vast body of the literature has paid great attention to the psychology and sociology of entrepreneurial intention and choice. We are also interested in the economic, technological and organizational antecedents of entrepreneurship. Finally, we review the literature on the consequences of entrepreneurship for innovation and growth, by looking at post-entry performance and the factors that affect startups’ survival and growth, including finance.