The DIMSAI Board plans and manages the PhD Programme: it is responsible for the scientific and educational activities within the doctoral course.

In details, the PhD board:

  • defines the assessment criteria of the admission exam to the course;
  • identifies the supervisors;
  • plans the training and research activities, for each academic year and for each student;
  • defines the annual rules for evaluating the work done and the results produced by the doctoral students.


Coordination of the PhD Board is entrusted to a professor belonging to the University.

The PhD Programme Director is elected by the PhD Board among its members and appointed by the Rector's Decree. He/She has a three-year tenure.

He/She oversees the activities of the PhD program, convenes and chairs the PhD Board.

The PhD Programme Director is Prof. Lorenzo Donati.

The PhD Programme Vice-Director is Prof. .

The DIMSAI delegate for education and training is Prof. .


Every academic year DIMSAI enrolls about 20 PhD students.

Each student joins a research group in one of the DIMSAI laboratories in Bologna or Forlì.

In accordance with his/her supervisor, the student starts immediately to develope the research project.

The current PhD-student representative in the PhD Board is