Fluid Machinery, Energy Systems, Mechanics of Machines and Industrial Mechanical Plants

 The curriculum pursues the education of high-qualified researchers in the fields of Mechanical, Energy and Industrial engineering, addressing several research areas, related with the disciplines of Mechanic of Machines, Industrial Mechanical plants, Fluid Machinery and Energy Systems. 

Covered research areas are:

  • Energy conversion, cogeneration and waste heat recovery systems
  • Energy system networks and storage for renewables
  • Control and testing of mobile and stationary energy systems 
  • Thermo-fluid dynamics in fluid machinery
  • Fluid power systems
  • Automation, robotics and mechatronics
  • Biomechanics
  • Vehicles, transport and lifting systems
  • Dynamics and machine vibrations
  • Monitoring, diagnostics and prognostics of mechanical systems
  • Industrial plants and production systems
  • Maintenance and industrial safety
  • Instrumentation, logistics and operations
  • A cobot operating in an industrial scenario

  • Myoelectric prosthesis for upper limb amputees

  • Production systems and industrial mechanical plants

  • Logistics and freight transportation

  • Experiments and modelling in fluid machinery

  • Energy systems and networks