Research Seminars

Weekly seminars held by established and emerging scholars from around the world, invited to present their research and discuss ideas with faculty members and PhD students.

Usually Tuesday at 12 PM in the Seminar Room.

To meet the speaker, please book a 30-minute slot in the calendar by writing your name and surname. Please remember that you can book up until the day before the seminar at 6pm.

Contacts: Stephanie Heger, Giovanni Angelini, Niko Jaakkola

Internal Seminars

Reserved to departmental and visiting faculty, researchers, co-authors, and PhD students to present advanced research. The setting is slightly less formal than Research Seminars. 

Usually Wednesday at 1 PM in the Seminar Room.

Contacts: Pietro Biroli and Maria Arvaniti

WIP Seminar

Informal meetings (30-60 minutes) where DSE PhD students, but also faculty members, can present work-in-progress (ideas, embryonic research projects, innovative data, new methods, etc). Presenters are responsible for the invitation of the audience.

Usually Tuesday at 2:30 PM in the Seminar Room.  Booking and calendar here.


Reading Groups

The Department of Economics sponsors a small number of reading groups for graduate students and faculty. Groups get together around an interdisciplinary interest:

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