38° cycle - a.y. 2022/23

Students of the 38° cycle are required to take courses for a total of 200 hours during the first year and 160 during the second year of the program.

Students of the 38° cycle (a.y. 2022/2023) are required to attend and take exams of the following mandatory courses and select elective courses from this list.  


First year mandatory courses (200 hours out of 200)


First Semester - 2nd Period

 Students will have to choose one among the three following courses in Mathematics. The choice should depend on the student's background and research interests, and can be discussed with the coordinator of the PhD program.


Second Semester - 3rd Period


 Second Semester - 4th  Period


Second year mandatory courses (90 hours out of 160)


First Semester - 2nd Period


Second Semester - 3rd Period

  • Game Theory - Microeconomics 2 (LMEC - 30 hours) by Andrea Mattozzi
  • Consumption and Investment theory  - Macroeconomics 3 (LMEC - 30 hours) by Laura Bottazzi


 Students wishing to waive out of any of the mandatory courses must submit a waiver request to the PhD director. The waiver request must include a transcript of the relative grades and a syllabus from the prior course(s) taken, that proves previous coverage of at least 90% of the material.

As a general rule, students asking for a waiver will be asked to pass a preliminary exam, unless the PhD director and the professor who teaches the course agree that -- based on the information provided -- the student can be granted an exemption



***Lesson periods: 

1st Period: 18/09/2023-28/10/2023

2nd Period: 06/11/2023-14/12/2023

3rd Period: 12/02/2024-23/03/2024

4th Period: 15/04/2024-25/05/2024