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Our students develop highly successful careers in academics, international institutions and research centers. Recent graduate work in European Universities such as Paris School of Economics, London Businness School, University of York, Valencia, University of Gothenburg, Paris Pantheonne Sorbonne, Vienna, Oslo, Cologne, European University Institute, Bocconi, Swiss Finance Institute, and outside Europe such Harvard Businness School, Manila and Bangkok, among others. Students interested in policy have accepted positions in public institutions such as the IZA Bonn, OECD in Paris, FAO in Rome, European Commision DG Economic and Financial Affairs, Antitrust Authorities, in Central Banks like the Bank of Italy, the Banque de France, and the ECB as well as private research centers and consulting firms.

Sinem H. Ayhan

PhD in 2014

First placement: Research Associate, IZA, Bonn

Dissertation: Understanding Recent Developments in the Turkish Labor Market: Empirical Essays with a Gender Focus

Supervisor: Riccardo Rovelli and Margherita Fort

Paolo Nicola Barbieri

PhD in 2015

First placement: Post-Doc Researcher, University of Gothenburg - Center for Health Economics (CHEG)

Dissertation: Essays in Health Economics

Supervisor: Davide Dragone


Giuliano Bianchi

PhD in 2013

First placement: Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne

Dissertation: Essays on CEO Compensation: new evidence on the managerial power vs optimal contracting debate

Supervisor: Hartmut Lehmann

Andrea Blasco

PhD in 2011

First placement: Post-Doctoral Fellow – IQSS, Harvard University

Dissertation: Essays on Industrial Organization

Supervisor: Vincenzo Denicolò

Mario Blazquez de Paz

PhD Student since 2014

First placement: Research Fellow at Research Institute of Industrial Economics (IFN)

Dissertation: Effect of Transmission Capacity Constraints on Electricity Markets

Supervisor: Giacomo Calzolari and Emanuele Tarantino


Ugo Bolletta

PhD in 2016

First placement: Post-Doctoral Researcher at Aix-Marseille University

Dissertation: Social influence in networks

Supervisor: Giulio Zanella

Barbara Bratta

PhD in 2016

First placement: Economist, Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance

Dissertation: Essays on international trade and globalization

Supervisor: Alireza Naghavi and Gianmarco Ottaviano


PhD in 2018

First placement: Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at University of Bergamo

Dissertation: Essays on Conflict and Terrorism

Supervisor: Giovanni Prarolo

Matthias Bürker

PhD in 2011

First placement: Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD, SME and Entrepreneurship Division, salaried Consultant)

Dissertation: Three Essays in Civic Capital

Supervisor: Gaetano Minerva

Neil A. Cabiles

PhD in 2012

First placement: Lecturer in Economics, Ateneo de Manila University, Department of Economics

Dissertation: Essays on Bank Risk

Supervisor: Gabriella Chiesa

Thanee Chaiwat

PhD in 2013

First placement: Full-time Lecturer – Faculty of Economics, Chulalongkorn University

Dissertation: Essays on Political Instability in Sub-Saharan Africa

Supervisor: Matteo Cervellati

Giorgio Chiovelli

PhD in 2015

First placement: Research Fellow at London Business School

Dissertation: Essays Essays on Ethnic Diversity and Development

Supervisor: Matteo Cervellati

Gaetano D’Adamo

PhD in 2011

First placement: Assistant Professor - Department of Applied Economics II, University of Valencia

Dissertation: Essays on European Economic and Monetary Integration

Supervisor: Riccardo Rovelli

Ilaria De Angelis

PhD in 2015

First placement: Banca d'Italia

Dissertation: Essays in policy evaluation

Supervisor: Paolo Vanin

Marco d’Errico

PhD in 2011

First placement: Economist @ FAO

Dissertation: Essays A monetary, data-driven multidimensional and a resilience analysis of poverty

Supervisor: Pier Giorgio Ardeni

Tobias Dieler

PhD in 2014

First placement: Postdoctoral Fellow at Swiss Finance Institute @ EPFL

Dissertation: Essays in Asset Trade

Supervisor: Giacomo Calzolari and Fabio Castiglionesi (University of Tilburg)

Hamideh Esfahani

PhD in 2012

First placement: Assistant Professor at the Institute for Management and Planning Studies in Tehran, Iran

Dissertation: Essays in Industrial Organization

Supervisor: Luca Lambertini

Elena Esposito

PhD in 2014

First placement: Max Weber Fellowship, European University Institute (Italy)

Dissertation: Essays on Geography and Diseases

Supervisor: Matteo Cervellati

Bora Evci

PhD in 2014

First placement: Research fellow at the Department of Economics - University of Bologna

Dissertation: Essays on the Axiomatic Theory of Matching

Supervisor: Vincenzo Denicolò

Mehdi Fadaee

PhD in 2012

First placement: Assistant Professor in Economics at the Institute for Management and Planning Studies (Tehran, Iran)

Dissertation: Essays in Environmental Economics

Supervisor: Luca Lambertini


PhD in 2018

First placement: Statistician at OECD Statistics and Data Directorate

Dissertation: Essays in Empirical Development Economics: The Role of Income Shocks on Firm and Household Dynamics

Supervisor: Lucio Picci

Matteo Falagiarda

PhD in 2014

First placement: Researcher at the Country Surveillance Divison - European Central Bank

Dissertation: Essays in Macroeconomics

Supervisor: Massimiliano Marzo

Irene Ferrari

PhD in 2015

First placement: Post-Doctoral Researcher at MEA (Munich Center for the Economics of Aging) - Max Planck Institute for Social Law and Social Policy

Dissertation: Essays in the Economics of Ageing

Supervisor: Matthew Wakefield

Fabrizio Ferriani

PhD in 2012

First placement: Banca d’Italia, Research Department

Dissertation: Topics in financial econometrics

Supervisor: Sergio Pastorello

Simona Fiore

PhD in 2016

First placement: Young Professional Grant, FRF – FSI at Dondena Centre for Research on Social Dynamics and Public Policy, Bocconi University

Dissertation: Essays on the economics of migration

Supervisor: Margherita Fort

Riccardo Ghidoni

PhD in 2015

First placement: Post-Doctoral Researcher at the Department of Economics - Tilburg University

Dissertation: Experiments on pro-sociality and environmental issues

Supervisor: Marco Casari

Wildmer Daniel Gregori

PhD in 2014

First placement: Economist at Prometeia Associazione

Dissertation: Micro and Macro essays in Applied Fiscal Policy

Supervisor: Paolo Manasse

Giorgio Gulino

PhD in 2016

First placement: Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Department of Economics - University of Bergamo

Dissertation: Essays in political economics and voting behavior

Supervisor: Matteo Cervellati

Vanessa Gunnella

PhD in 2015

First placement: Research Analyst - European Central Bank - DG Economics/Output and Demand Division

Dissertation: Essays in Macroecometrics: Methodological Aspects and Empirical Applications

Supervisor: Roberto Golinelli and Luca Fanelli

Babak Jahanshahi

PhD in 2014

First placement: Post-Doctoral Researcher at the Economics Department - University of Pavia

Dissertation: Three Essays in Economics of Gender

Supervisor: Giulio Zanella

W. M. Wynne Lam

PhD in 2014

First placement: Post-doctoral Researcher, University of Liege and Universite catholique de Louvain

Dissertation: Essays in Industrial Organization and Information Technology

Supervisor: Giacomo Calzolari

Francesca Lilla

PhD in 2017

First placement: Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at Department of Economics and Management - University of Florence

Dissertation: Essays in Financial Econometrics

Supervisor: Sergio Pastorello


PhD in 2018

First placement: Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at University of Rome Tor Vergata

Dissertation: Emergency Medical Performance: Why and How Should We Care?

Supervisor: Margherita Fort and Matteo Lippi Bruni 

Marco Magnani

PhD in 2018

First placement: Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at Department of Economics and Management - University of Padova and the Italian Regulatory Authority for Energy in Milan

Dissertation: Essays in Vertical Agreements and Consumer Behavior

Supervisor: Vincenzo Denicolò

Francesco Manaresi

PhD in 2011

First placement: Research Fellow at the Bank of Italy

Dissertation: Essays in Applied Microeconometrics

Supervisor: Andrea Ichino

Mattia Nardotto

PhD in 2011

First placement: Post-Doctoral Scholar - University of Cologne

Dissertation: Essays in Behavioral Economics

Supervisor: Giacomo Calzolari


PhD in 2017

First placement: Economist at the National Institute of Social and Economic Research (NIESR)

Dissertation: Essays in International Trade and Finance

Supervisor: Paolo Manasse

Giuseppe Quinto

PhD in 2011

First placement: Economist – Italian Competition Authority

Dissertation: Essays in Industrial Organization

Supervisor: Massimo Motta

Veronica Rattini

PhD in 2017

First placement: Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Pittsburgh Dietrich School of Art and Sciences

Dissertation: The Determinants of Individual Performance: Empirical Essays on the Importance of Soft Skills and Monetary Incentives

Supervisor: Maria Bigoni

Tommaso Reggiani

PhD in 2012

First placement: Post-Doc Fellow at the University of Cologne

Dissertation: Essays in Behavioral Personnel Economics

Supervisor: Andrea Ichino

Alessia Russo

PhD in 2011

First placement: Post-Doctoral Fellow at the University of Oslo

Dissertation: An Essay on Institutions and Contracts for Social Welfare

Supervisor: Giacomo Calzolari

Alessandro Saia

PhD in 2015

First placement: Post-Doctoral Researcher at the University of Lausanne

Dissertation: Essays in Applied and Labor Economics

Supervisor: Matteo Cervellati and Andrea Ichino

Sarah Grace See

PhD in 2012

First placement: Post-Doctoral Fellow at Collegio Carlo Alberto

Dissertation: Essays in Household and Demographic Economics

Supervisor: Chiara Monfardini

Maria Giulia Silvagni

PhD in 2012

First placement: Research fellow at the Department of Economics - University of Bologna

Dissertation: Patterns of regional differentiation in post-Soviet Russia

Supervisor: Vera Negri

Eleftheria Triviza

PhD in 2016

First placement: Teaching Associate at the University of Lancaster

Dissertation: Essays in Essays in optimal pricings

Supervisor: Vincenzo Denicolò and Francesca Barigozzi

Giulia Tura

PhD in 2017

First placement: Max Weber Fellow at the European University Institute

Dissertation: Essays in the Economics of the Family and Cultural Transmission

Supervisor: Giulio Zanella


PhD in 2018

First placement: Senior Economist at Generali Investment

Dissertation: Essays in Applied Insurance Economics

Supervisor: Paolo Vanin