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Selection procedure

How are the candidate selected and which documents are needed for Applying?

Selection is exclusively based on the candidates’ academic records (cv, research experience, reference letters, graduate records…).

  1. Copy of Valid ID or Passport;
  2. Curriculum Vitae in English;
  3. Statement of purpose: no more than 3000 characters double-spaced in English with a short description of the candidate’s academic background, his/her research interests and expected professional goals. This document does not constrain the selected candidate in the future choice of research topics;
  4. At least one letter of reference (no more than three). At least one letter must be from an academic referee. These letters have to be exclusively uploaded by the referee on, following the instructions provided, no later than the call deadline;
  5. Degree transcripts of both the BA/BSc and the MA/MSc. For degrees obtained in Italy, please submit a signed self-declaration (so called “autocertificazione”); for degrees obtained in non-EU countries, please submit the degree certificate issued by the relevant University; for degrees obtained in EU countries (except Italy), you can do either. The document must contain the following information: personal information, name of the University, degree name, final score, transcript of final (or intermediate) results obtained. For degree transcripts from outside of Italy, an official translation into Italian or English must be attached;
  6. A proof of English proficiency is strongly recommended (preferably TOEFL or IELTS);
  7. Graduate record tests are strongly recommended (preferably the GRE or GMAT). For the delivery of GRE results, please note that our department’s code is 1801, while UniBo’s code is 7850.
  8. Any other optional document or qualification that the candidate considers as potentially relevant for the assessment of the application is welcome as well. For instance a paper or chapter of an undergraduate dissertation (no more than 40 double-spaced pages) that the candidate considers as the best sample of her/his previous work.

NOTE: All required documents must be uploaded online within the official deadline. By law, candidates with incomplete applications cannot be admitted to the PhD Program.