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36^ cycle - a.y 2020/2021

Students of the 36^ cycle are required to take courses for a total of 225 hours during the first year and 165 during the second year of the program.

In order to take courses for a total amount of 225 hours, for the first year, students of the 36^ cycle (a.y. 2020/2021) are required to attend and take exams of the following mandatory courses and select elective courses from the list.  

First year mandatory courses (160 hours out of 225)

  • Macroeconomics 1 (20 hours) by Jérémy Boccanfuso
  • Macroeconomics 2 (LMEC - 30 hours) by Paolo Manasse


Second year mandatory courses (90 hours out of 165)

(lectures will be held during a.y. 2021/2022) 

  • Advanced Macroeconomics (30 hours)
  • Microeconomics 1 (30 hours)
  • Econometrics 3  (30 hours)


Students wishing to waive out of any of the mandatory courses must submit a waiver request to the PhD director. The waiver request must include a transcript and a syllabus from the prior course(s) taken, that proves previous coverage of at least 90% of the material. Students asking for a waiver might be asked to pass a preliminary exam. If the request is accepted, students can replace the mandatory course with one or more of the electives, but the number of hours of coursework must remain constant.