PhDs XXXIII cycle (SEHM2)

List of PhDs of XXXIII cycle (first year of SEHM2 - Structural and Environmental Health Monitoring and Management), who have completed th Programme in 2021.

Cristiano Aguzzi

Cristiano Aguzzi

Research project: Overcoming heterogeneity with the Web of Things in SEHM

11 September 2017: A. D’Elia,C. Aguzzi,F. Viola,F. Antoniazzi and T.S. Cinotti “Implementation and evaluation of the last will primitive in a semantic information broker for IoTapplications presented at IEEE-RTSI2017 - 3° Int. Forum on Research and Technologies for Society and Industry.

April 2017 – September 2017: Working as a collaborator at ARCES - Advanced research center on electronic systems “Ercole De Castro. Where he studied semantic technologies and continued his Ms thesis work in the development of a Semantic Information Broker based on OSGi.

2015 – 2017: Leading technical events about Microsoft tools as Microsoft student partner.

March 2017: Obtained Master of Science Degree in Computer Engineering cum laude. Thesis in “Calcolatori Elettronici”. Thesis Title: “Soluzione per conferire robustezza ad un broker di informazioni semantiche per l’Internet of Things basato su OSGi”. Supervisor: Prof. Tullio Salmon Cinotti. Co-Supervisor: Prof. Alfredo D’Elia.

September 2015 – October 2015: Software developer at MyAppFree srl, where I developed Android and Windows Phone native applications.

2013 – 2015: Active contributor in opensource organizations as JMonkeyEngine and NiftyGui.

His research interests are semantic technologies, web of things, system software engineering and software dependability. Other topics are machine learning, AI, computer vision, domain specific languages and computational models. Technical skills include in Java, C, C++, Go and Javascript languages.

Elia Favarelli

Elia Favarelli

Research project: Machine Learning for Structural Classification and Monitoring

October 2017: Master’s Degree in Electronic and Telecommunications Engineering for Energy, 110/110 cum laude, University of Bologna. Thesis title: “Algoritmi di Machine Learning per il Riconoscimento Vocale”. Advisor: Prof. Ing. Andrea Giorgetti. Co-advisor: Prof. Ing. Marco Chiani.

September 2015 - October 2017: Student, Electronic and Telecomunication Engineering for Energy, University of Bologna.

September 2012 - December 2015: Student, Electronics System Engineering for Sustainable Development, University of Bologna.

 Particular interests in Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Technical skills include MATLAB and C++ languages.

Vittoria Laghi

Vittoria Laghi

Research project: Study of innovative 3D printed steel production for Structural Engineering applications

2016-2017: Research fellow at CIRI – Interdipartimental Center of Industrial Research in Built and Construction, University of Bologna. Main activities: seismic-resistant engineering, frame structures with dissipative systems, response analysis of masonry infills in frame structures, applications of innovative techniques of improved ductility in masonry structures.

2016-current: Teaching tutor for the Civil Engineering course, University of Bologna, and for the Structure Design (A) teaching at Architecture course, University of Bologna.

July 2016: Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering 110/110 cum laude, curriculum Structural Engineering, University of Bologna. Thesis title: “Comparison of Earthquake-related consequences through loss analysis of different braced frame structural systems". Advisors: Prof. Ing. Marco Savoia, Prof. Eng. Stephen Mahin.

January-March 2016: Research Student, University of California Berkeley (USA) for research activity in the Master thesis field. Winner of the Second Call for Thesis Abroad 2016.

January-June 2016: Exchange Student, University of California Berkeley (USA). Winner of Overseas Call 2015/2016.

Giacomo Mazzoni

Giacomo Mazzoni

Research project: Towards a simple frame for geotechnical monitoring in BIM

2015-2017: Geotechnical Engineering consultant at ENVIA Ass. (Italy)

2012-2014: Operations Manager at AUSGeotech Pty. Ltd. (Australia)

2009-2014: Geotechnical Engineering consultant at Ravenna Engineering S.r.l. (Italy)

2008-2012: Field engineer at INDGEO DUE S.r.l. (Italy)

He has a MEng in Geotechnical Engineering (University of Padova, 2009) and has 10+ yrs. experience in geotechnical design and fieldworks. He as professional experience in Italy, Australia and New Zealand. His research focuses on the development of software products to be used in a geotechnical BIM framework (including site investigation DBMS and data standardization, 3D site modeling coupled with multiphysics FEM simulation) and the development of hardware products to be used in geotechnical monitoring (in geotechnical systems such as foundations, retaining structures, reinforced and unreinforced slopes, etc.).

Giada Molari

Giada Molari

Research project: Innovative techniques for remote sensing of hydrological-hydraulic variables

February 2017: Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering, curriculum ‘Buildings for construction and infrastructure’, University of Bologna. Thesis title : “Innovative techniques for river bathymetry estimation from global satellite DEMs”. Supervisor: Prof. Ing. Alessio Domeneghetti, Co-Supervisor: Prof. Ing. Attilio Castellarin, Dott. Paolo Paron, Dott. Guy Schumann.

June 2016 – February 2017: Research Student in Unibo for dissertation thesis research.

Particular interests in flood hazard assessment, hydraulic risk mitigation measures, flood modelling and remote sensing for evaluation of hydrological and hydraulic variables.

Simone Vivarelli

Simone Vivarelli

Research project: Risk assessment and management of major accidents triggered by external factors

July 2017 - current: Major Risk Assessment Consultant, NIER Ingegneria S.p.A., Castel Maggiore (BO).

March 2017: Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering 110/110 cum laude, curriculum Chemical and Process Engineering, University of Bologna. Thesis title: “Safety and process analysis of a blowdown section within a Ziegler-Natta catalysts production plant”. Advisor: Prof. Eng. Valerio Cozzani. Co-advisor: Eng. Paolo Vincenzi.

September 2016 - March 2017: Research Student, LyondellBasell Company, Ferrara (FE). Process analysis of a catalysts production plant, focused on the blowdown treating section, fireproofing and dynamic modelling of storage tanks exposed to fire. Computational-Fluid-Dynamics analysis on a hazardous material atmospheric dispersion and comparison with standard risk assessment software.

September 2015 - June 2016: Research Student (Teamwork), in collaboration with BASF Company, Pontecchio Marconi (BO). Safety and process assessment due to the debottlenecking of a fine chemical production line.

October 2014 - March 2017: Student, Chemical and Process Engineering, University of Bologna.

September 2011 - October 2014: Student, Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, curriculum Chemical and Process Engineering, University of Bologna.

Farhad Zeighami

Farhad Zeighami

Research project: Metamaterials for seismic waves control

2017: Working as a Technical Civil Engineer of High Speed Railway projects in Astaldi S.p.A.

July 2016 - Oct 2017: Part-time Civil Engineering Supervisor in Ministry of Road and Transportation of Iran.

July 2016: Obtained Master of Science Degree in Civil Engineering. Thesis in Advanced Structural Mechanics. Thesis Title: “Sub-wavelength resonators as seismic Rayleigh wave shields”. Supervisor: Prof. Alessandro Marzani. Co-Supervisor: Dr. Antonio Palermo

Oct 2015 - Jul 2016: Research Student in Unibo for dissertation thesis research.

Particular interests in SHM, optimization of structures, wave propagation and NDT Testing. His dissertation research focuses on the development and implementation of Metamaterials for safeguarding critical and vulnerable structures against destructive earthquakes.