Students XXXV cycle (SEHM2)

List of the PhD candidates for the XXXV cycle, enrolled in the third year of SEHM2 (Structural and Environmental Health Monitoring and Management) PhD Programme.

Francesco Colibazzi

Francesco Colibazzi

Research project: Regularization techniques in variational formulations and deep learning applied to image and surface processing

May 2018 - October 2019: Digital Business Integration Analyst in Accenture spa. Development of products based on ML/AI technologies as application of NLP and Image recognition.

September 2015 - March 2018: Master’s degree with honors in Mathematics, University of Bologna. Thesis title: “Completamento di curve e applicazione alla determinazione di difetti in materiali elastici” Supervisor: Prof.ssa Giovanna Citti, Co-Supervisor: Ing. Valeriano Ballardini, Ing. Alessandro Ghidotti Piovan.

November 2017 - February 2018: Internship Student at Specialvideo srl. Study of geometric methods for the management of industrial vision systems for automatic detection of defects.

October 2011 - May 2015: Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, University of Perugia.

His research project is focused on the analysis and improvement of advanced optimization methods to solve ill posed inverse problems related to image and surface processing. Study of mathematical variational models applied to deep learning techniques. Technical skills include C++, Python, Java, Matlab.

Marco Dibiase

Marco Dibiase

Research project: Sensors design and software development for ultrasonic structural health monitoring

September 2018 - August 2019: Research fellow at CIRI – Interdipartimental Center of Industrial Research, University of Bologna. Research project: “Sviluppo di sensori per il monitoraggio strutturale” (“Sensors development for structural monitoring”). Main activities: analysis of Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) techniques, embedded sensors design and testing, signal processing, estimation theory techniques.

March 2018: Master’s Degree in Electronics Engineering (Microelectronic and Electronic Sensor Systems) cum laude, University of Bologna. Thesis Title: “Progetto di sensori piezoelettrici per la rilevazione della direzione di arrivo di onde ultrasoniche guidate” (“Piezo-sensors design for ultrasonic guided waves’ direction of arrival (DoA) estimation”). Supervisor: Prof. Luca De Marchi.

His research interests are focused on sensors array design, estimation optimization, multiscale signal processing, machine learning algorithms to detect and characterize structural damages. Technical skills include Matlab and C languages.

Leonardo Franceschelli

Leonardo Franceschelli

Research project: In-sensor analytics for environmental monitoring

June 2019 – October 2019: Research grant  “Analisi e implementazione in MCU di tecniche di analisi multivariata“ at University of Bologna – tutor Prof. Ing. Marco Tartagni.

March 2019: Master’s Degree in Biomedical Engineering, 109/110, University of Bologna. Thesis title: “Determinazione dell’umidità del terreno con tecnica in guida d’onda”. Advisor: Prof. Ing. Marco Tartagni. Co-advisor: Prof. Luigi Ragni, Dott.ssa Annachiara Berardinelli

October 2016 – March 2019: Student, Biomedical Engineering (Second cycle Degree), University of Bologna.

September 2013 - October 2016: Student, Biomedical Engineering, University of Bologna.

Particolar interest in Machine Learning, statistical analysis and sensors. Technical skills include Matlab and C languages.

Matteo Marra

Matteo Marra

Research project: Safety and management of existing bridges: from inspection procedures to intervention strategies

July 2019: Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering – curriculum Structural Engineering, 110/110 cum laude, University of Bologna. Thesis title: “Prove su tavola vibrante di un silo metallico a fondo piano: identificazione dinamica mediante accelerometri”. Advisor: Prof. Ing. Stefano Silvestri.

February 2019: attendance of shaking-table tests on a flat-bottom steel silo within the “SERA-SILOS” European project.

Particular interests in seismic and dynamic response of structures, dynamic identification, especially about bridges, structural health monitoring of bridges and monitoring systems/devices.

Technical skills include FEM analysis and MATLAB Language.

Leonardo Montecchiari

Leonardo Montecchiari

Research Project: UAV-aided sensor networks for monitoring applications: network design and data edge computing

September 2015 - October 2019: Second Cycle degree in Computer Science: System and Networks, University of Bologna. Thesis title: "Design and experimental evaluation of a controlled mobility platform for UAV-aided sensor networks".

September 2011 - March 2015: First Cycle degree in Information Sciende of Management, University of Bologna. Thesis title: "An approach for the disambiguation of authors of scientific articles: Algorithm and Implementation".

His interests include the development of IoT systems, optimisation of communication between UAV/Rover and sensor networks and network design.

Xingbo Pu

Xingbo Pu

Research project: Architectures of piles for steering and trapping surface seismic waves (research grantee within the Project "Innovative ground interface concepts for structure protection - INSPIRE" funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 Marie Sklodowska Curie action, grant agreement No 813424)

July, 2017: Master's degree in Structural Engineering, Beijing Jiaotong University. Thesis title: "Surface wave isolation by periodic trench barriers". Supervisor: Prof. Zhifei Shi.

July, 2012: Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering, Beijing Jiaotong University.

His research interests are elastic waves and seismic metamaterials. He will mainly develop an innovative device, termed as metabarrier for steering and trapping surface seismic waves, aimed at protecting structures and infrastructures from natural disasters.

Federica Ricci

Federica Ricci

Research project: Analysis of technological accidents triggered by natural events (NaTech) in the perspective of climate change

September 2017 – October 2019: Master of Science in Chemical and Process Engineering at Alma Mater Studiorum (University of Bologna) achieving a final grade of 110/110 cum laude. Master thesis on the analysis of NaTech accidents with the title “Analysis of past accidents triggered by natural events (NaTech)” was developed. Advisor: Ing. Valeria Casson Moreno. Co-advisor: Prof. Valerio Cozzani.

September 2013 – March 2017: Bachelor of Science in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering at Alma Mater Studiorum (University of Bologna).

Particular interest on risk assessment of chemical and process industries, modelling and analysis of industrial accidents triggered by external factors such as natural events, industrial safety.

Alessandro Rosa

Alessandro Rosa

Research project: Dynamic structure-soil-structure interaction: analysis and monitoring

July - December 2019: Engineer in Invitalia: damage assessment and post-earthquake reconstruction in Emilia-Romagna.

October 2018: Master's degree in Structural Engineering, at University of Bologna. Master thesis on the: "effects of structure-soil-structure interaction on the spectral response". Supervisor: Prof. Eng. Alessandro Marzani.

December 2015: participation at PNI as team manager CISE: domotic system for houses. University of Calabria.

October 2015: winner of Molise Start Cup 2015 with CISE project at University of Molise.

Expertise, interest: earth science , global earthquakes and their effects, earthquake engineering, technology, innovative start up.

Matteo Zauli

Matteo Zauli

Research project: Development and optimization of microcontroller-based sensor networks for monitoring structures

June - October 2019: Research fellow at ARCES - Advanced Research Center on Electronic Systems “Ercole De Castro”, University of Bologna.

March 2019: Master Degree in Electronics Engineering (cum laude), from the University of Bologna. Thesis Title:''Sviluppo di un phantom per l’analisi del flusso in carotidi mediante acquisizioni ultrasoniche'' ("Development of a phantom for analysis of carotid flow by ultrasonic acquisitions"). Supervisor: Prof. Luca De Marchi.

May 2015 - May 2019: R&D Engineer by GH Enterprise, in charge of design and development of embedded systems.

His research interests focus on signal processing, compressed sensing, neural networks, embedded systems development, ultrasonic measurements. Technical skills include electronic circuit design and coding in languages like C, Javascript, Python and Matlab.