Info for PhD students

Important information for PhD candidates: services provided by UNIBO PhD Office; rules about credits, period abroad, working while attending the PhD.

PhD candidates can browse UNIBO Intranet for information concerning their career, opportunities and services available to PhD students enrolled at the University of Bologna: PhD grants, tuition fees, exemption, agreements, co-tutorship "cotutelle" agreement, mobility, requirements for staying abroad, absences, thesis, final exam, etc.

Access the Intranet section for PhD students (using UNIBO account:

The Intranet section is only in Italian.

Each PhD student must have achieved a number of goals deliberated annually by the PhD Board. If even one of these goals is not achieved, the PhD candidate cannot be admitted to the final defence.

The PhD Board will evaluate the PhD students research activity yearly (at the end of the Academic Year, generally in October).

Each EIT4SEMM PhD student during the 3-year course shall:

  • reach at least 18 credits (ECTS)
  • spend a research period of at least 6 months abroad
  • submit papers to international scientific journals/conferences
  • participate to the EIT4SEMM activities Yearly Students presentations
  • achieve an English language skills (~C1)

The achievement of these goals is verified and approved by the PhD board.

The procedures for yearly review of the research activities, for the approval of credits, for the internship abroad and for working while attending the PhD are presented hereunder.


Yearly Research Review

For the review process a PhD's student is required to fill the first part of the Yearly Assessment Form (to be downloaded in this page) and send it to his/her advisor, who will have to complete it (the final part), sign it and send it to the Coordinator of the PhD Programme.

The assessment form must be presented generally within the end of September, a PhD student has to make arrangements with his/her advisor to meet the deadline.



Credits can be collected attending different type of courses and events with a final examination.

It is important to collect a certificate of attendance and passing the examination.

Credits can be collected attending:

  • University courses
  • PhD courses
  • Master Degree courses
  • Schools, workshops, seminars
  • Online courses

Remind that: credits will only be recognized for activities that include a final certified test. Credits assignement shall be approved by the PhD Board.


Internship abroad

Over the 3 year, each PhD student should spend a period of 6 months at research institutes or industries related to the PhD subject. Once the destination is chosen, the PhD student should follow the procedure described below.

Before leaving:

  1. Collect the tutor’s advice and the invitation letter
  2. Fill the form of request of authorization
  3. Send all docs to PhD program coordinator

 Once authorized:

  1. Fill the form (available in UNIBO Intranet) for receiving in advance the first instalment of the increase of the scholarship (only for internships equal to or longer than 6 months)
  2. Send the form, the invitation letter and the authorization by the PhD Board to

 While abroad:

  1. Collect the evaluation letter. The letter must detail the exact date of arrival and departure
  2. In case of extension of the period abroad, submit the request to the PhD Board and inform the UNIBO PhD Office

 Once returned:

  1. Submit your credit recognition request to the PhD program coordinator
  2. Fill the form for receiving the final payment of the increase of the scholarship (available in UNIBO Intranet) and send it to


Working while attending the PhD

The PhD is an exclusive and full-time task. However, it may be possible to carry out some extra activities, both paid and not:

  • practical and professional internship
  • tutoring and teaching assistance activity not envisaged in the PhD programme
  • paid work
  • research grant

The authorization to carry out these activities is granted by the PhD board.

Any time a Phd student is planning to accept a job assignment, no matter if the employer is UNIBO, he/she should:

  1. Collect the supervisor's approval
  2. Fill in the «request of authorization» form (in Italian)
  3. Send all docs to the PhD program coordinator

The PhD Board authorization must be obtained before the signature of any contract.