ET-IT training activities

All the training activities that allow ET-IT PhD Students to acquire credits and/or accumulate attendance hours (the latter starting from Cycle 38).

Every year, the ET-IT PhD Board offers various courses and seminars addressed specifically to PhD Students. You can choose the ones that suit your academic needs in order to comply with your academic requirements.


The schedule of the training activities for the a.y.2023/2024 is available HERE.


Further information about each activity will be published on the ET-IT Agenda and sent by email before its start.

1. Courses and additional seminars from the ET-IT training

Each training activity allows you to request credit validation and/or accumulate attendance hours (Cycles 38 and 39) by:

  • attending at least 2/3 of the scheduled hours;
  • successfully passing the final assessment.

No Supervisor's approval is needed.

N.B. There are four courses, each composed of two modulesCompletion of BOTH modules is necessary for the validation of credits and attendance hours.

Professors may organize additional seminars related to the topic of their module, which explore further into their subject matter. Seminars also are ET-IT training activities and offer credits/hours of attendance similar to courses, but unlike courses, they are standalone activities that do not involve modules. Each seminar is an independent activity.

ET-IT training activities are meant to be attended primarily in-person. Therefore, starting this year, we guarantee the option to attend modules either at the Bologna or Cesena campus. At one of the locations, the assigned instructor will be physically present, while at the other, a supervisor will facilitate remote connection, collect signatures, and oversee the classroom.

Online attendance is allowed only if you are spending a research period abroad or in a company. In this case reach out to .


N.B. Throughout the entire three-year programme the PhD students:

  • enrolled in cycle 37, 38 and 39 must acquire at least 180 credits;
  • enrolled in cycles 38 and 39 must complete at least 60 hours of the ET-IT training.

For further information please refer to the "Academic requirements" webpage.

2. Additional external activities approved by the PhD Board

The following activities allow attendees to request only credit validation.  No Supervisor's approval is needed.

Training activities from previous academic years