Academic requirements

To be admitted to the final exam, ET-IT PhD students must comply with the specific requirements set by the PhD Board.

PhD Students must gain 180 credits by the end of their 3rd year.


Credits can be acquired by attending:


The amount of earned credits is proportional to the attended hours and is calculated as follows: 1 attended hour = 1 credit.


Also attending the following activities entitles PhD Students to a certain amount of credits as detailed belows.

  • Language courses by CLA different from AcES (Academic English Skills courses): 1 course > max. 30 credits, 2 courses > max.40 credits;
  • Online courses (i.e. Coursera): max. 20 credits;
  • Research stay abroad or in Italy: 1 stay - 10 credits / month > max. 60 credits; 2 different stays - 10 credits / month > max. 90 credits;
  • online and hybrid PhD courses, schools, workshops, and seminars: max. 20 credits per a.y.


From cycle 38 onwards PhD Students must attend at least 60 hours of the ET-IT training provided by the PhD Board throughout the entire three-year programme.



If you like to attend a master's degree activity, you need to ask authorization to the PhD Board. Please fill and email the specific request form in the box below to

Credit validation - external activities not approved by the PhD Board

In order to request credit validation a certificate of attendance and a certificate / proof of passing a final exam are required. If the amount of attendance hours is not highlighted in the certificate, you are also asked to provide a programme / schedule of the attended activity.

You need also to collect your Supervisor's approval for all the external activities that are not offered or approved by the PhD Board. A list of the activities offered or approved by the PhD Board is available HERE.

Once you have collected all the documents mentioned above, you should fill out the specific credit request form HERE.

Each request is submitted to the PhD Board for approval and it is examined in the following PhD Board meeting.


Credit validation - Master's Degree activities

A declaration of attendance, indicating the number of hours attended, and successful completion of the final exam should be requested from the Professor. The declaration can be in the form of an email. 

Once you have collected the declaration, you should fill out the specific credit request form HERE.

N.B. No Supervisor's approval is required.


Credit validation - AcES (Academic English skills) courses, "Risorse Bibliografiche" and PhD Storytelling

Once you have collected the certificate of attendance, you should fill out the specific credit request form HERE.

For these courses, no final assessment is generally scheduled.

N.B. No Supervisor's approval is required


Validation of attendance hours and/or credits - ET-IT training and external activities approved by the PhD Board

When the activity is over, the professor submits the list of attendees who have successfully passed the final assessment to the ET-IT Admin. Staff.

Then, the PhD Manager records the accumulated number of attendance hours / credits for each PhD Student.

N.B. No credit request form or Supervisor's approval is requiredCredits will be recorded automatically.


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