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The international PhD program in Structural and Environmental Health Monitoring and Management (SEHM2) is designed for outstanding students targeting  academic or corporate interdisciplinary research, at top level labs or protection and safety institutions.

This program provides methodological and technological skills aimed at monitoring structures, infrastructures and the environment, and assess, mitigate and manage natural and human induced risks. This course is a response to the increasing demand from the society and from the scientific and professional communities for innovative approaches and new skills to ensure environmental safety, with particular reference to the European context. Monitoring is an increasingly central issue in many of the human activities carried out to control, manage and reduce vulnerability of natural and/or anthropogenic risks. Relevant examples are (a) health monitoring of civil and industrial structures and infrastructures, (b) performance monitoring of networks (gas, water, electric, telephone, road, rail, etc.), (c) monitoring of air and water quality. These activities can benefit from the convergence of emerging methods and technologies addressed by this new PhD program.

PhD students in Structural and Environmental Health Monitoring and Management gain specific expertise in models, algorithms, components, architectures and operating principles of the sensing technologies and build up a unique background in infrastructures and environment management and related European regulations.