Training and research

The training path of PhD students

Educational Activity

Since the PhD program in Automotive for Intelligent Mobility aims to pursue the highest level of education of the PhD student, it offers an enhanced higher education program.

Various seminars and events are scheduled inviting teachers from both the academic and industrial world.

The educational activity is focused on providing both the increase of high-level scientific skills and the transversal skills of students. All seminars are compulsory for students unless otherwise specified.

Due to the division into three curricula, most of the educational activity is oriented vertically on each curriculum.

The organization of the educational activity is conducted by a team of three members of the PhD board, on behalf of the coordinator of the doctoral program.

An online calendar is available for students at to check the educational activity at any time

Type of activity carried out by doctoral students

Experimental and numerical research activities are carried out in the fields that characterize the Doctorate (mechanical, electrical, electronic, industrial, control, telecommunications, IT, logistics and civil engineering). These activities are carried out in close collaboration with research groups and national and international companies, with the aim of creating high-profile professional figures, which can be directly inserted in the academic and industrial fields. Furthermore, according to the specific needs of the curricula, the PhD students will attend seminars to enhance the ability to use the main databases of international literature and IT systems (such as the introduction to the use of commercial codes, the management and analysis of databases, ...), and will participate in international conferences and workshops, where they will also present the results of their activity. One of the activities considered particularly important concerns the production of scientific publications, and the production of intermediate reports and the final thesis.

Research training activities planned for doctoral students in line with the educational objectives of the doctorate

Research training activities include:

  • development of a research project within the theme of the chosen curriculum
  • development of the ability to study scientific topics independently, by carrying out theoretical and experimental activities and assisting researchers with proven experience in the field
  • participation in specific seminars and training courses
  • the preparation and publication of scientific articles in English
  • presentation of research results in international conferences
  • a training period abroad of at least 3 months
  • the possibility of didactic experiences supporting university teachings