Research Topics

Research projects, publications, theses

Within the sectors and research groups whose professors belong to the PhD board, the following research topics can be identified.

  • Wireless Network and Communications for vehicular applications in Smart City scenarios (Prof. Tarchi)
  • Modeling, Control and Testing of Advanced Powertrains (Prof. Cavina)
  • Development of efficient and clean combustion systems for ICE by using CFD numerical simulation (Prof. Bianchi)
  • Advanced Manufacturing Processes (Prof. Fortunato)
  • Advanced design methods for an intelligent and efficient mobility (Prof. Croccolo)
  • Development of innovative analysis tools and design strategies to enhance the dynamic performance and vibration response of road vehicles (Prof. Rivola)
  • Development of innovative combustion systems for internal combustion engines and the hybridization of a motorbike powertrain (Prof. Mattarelli)
  • Automotive Manufacturing System Design and Operations Management (Prof. Regattieri)
  • Development of neuro-inspired architectures for driver drowsiness detection (Prof. Pavan)