Charles van den Heuvel, A classification of the arts in a digital ecosystem. Exploring Dynamic ODP’s

Distinguished Lecture

  • Data: 05 APRILE 2024  dalle 16:00 alle 18:00

  • Luogo: Aula Guglielmi (FICLIT) - Evento in presenza e online

Charles van den Heuvel studied Art History at the University of Groningen and gained his PhD in 1991 with a thesis on the introduction of Italian urban planning and fortification in the Netherlands ( 1540-1609). After his study he worked in various cultural heritage institutions, universities and research institutions. From January 2011 till December 2022, Van den Heuvel was head of the research group of history of knowledge, now known as Knowledge and Art Practices. Furthermore, he is an emeritus professor at the University of Amsterdam holding the chair: “Digital Methods and Historical Disciplines, especially the History of Knowledge and Information Science”. He was the p.i. of the following projects:

Furthermore, he was the co-applicant and leader on behalf of the Huygens Institute in the consortium of the NWO- Middle Large Investment project:

Since his retirement in December 2022, he is a guest employee at the Huygens Institute, a research institute of the "Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW)" in Amsterdam,  and in particular he works in the departments Data Management and Knowledge & Art Practices in which context he will continue his research directed toward the application of digital resources and methods in the Humanities.