Grants and Tuition Fees

PhD Scholarship

The top ranked admitted candidates will receive a financial support package which includes a grant of approximately 15.340 € (yearly) to cover living expenses over the 3 years of the programme.

All admitted candidates will receive up to 1,534 €/year (for the second and third year of the PhD programme) to cover their participation to meetings; furthermore, a grant will be available if they spend a visiting period abroad up to six months.

Additional types of financial support


Marco Polo Scholarship

The Marco Polo tender encourages the scientific training abroad.

The call opens twice a year and offers to the best PhD students an extra financial support for their training period outside Italy.

Further funding opportunities

There are several funding opportunities. In order to stay updated, please visit the Unibo webpage.

Tuition fees

The amount of the full tuition fees is € 157,64 for each year.