2022 - Cycle 36 & 37 Annual Talk

Venue: Sala Seminari 4E10 and online


Monday 10 October

14:00 Fabrizio Gentile Radio-Selected NIRdark galaxies: likely progenitors of high-z massive galaxies?

14:25 Laura Leuzzi The Search for Strong Lenses using Deep Learning 

14:50 Chiara Crociati* New insights into the bulge building process: the discovery of two Bulge Fossil Fragments

15:15-15:25: break

15:25 Deimer Alvarez Chemical tagging of peculiar stellar systems in the Halo and Bulge of our Galaxy

15:50 Filippo Barbani: Simulations of galactic coronae in Milky Way-like galaxies: sustaining thestar formation

16:15 Alessandro Della Croce: LISCA: lively infancy of star clusters and associations

16:40 end of the session


Tuesday 11 October

10:00 Giovanni Mazzolari Unveiling Obscured AGNs at high redshift: the beginning of a long journey.

10:25 Gabriele Panebianco Science Alert Generation: a Real-Time Analysis System for the Cherenkov Telescope Array

10:50 Davide Pelliciari Investigating the FRB phenomenon with the Northern Cross

11:15-11:25 break

11:25 Giada Pignataro* Large-scale radio emission in cluster filaments: the case of the A399-A401 pair

11:50 Xavier Lopez Lopez Simulating galaxy and AGN properties for an optimal scientific exploitation of the Euclid Surveys

12:15 Nicola Borghi Cosmology with gravitational waves and combination with other probes

12:40 end of the session


Wednesday 12 October

14:00 Giulia Campitello On the X-ray morphology of the CHEX-MATE galaxy clusters

14:25 Massimiliano Matteuzzi The red horizontal branch: an asteroseismic perspective

14:50 Federico Esposito* AGN Feedback on Molecular Gas in Local Galaxies

15:15-15:25 break

15:25 Giorgio Lesci* Cosmological constraints from galaxy cluster statistics in KiDS and Euclid

15:50 Francesco Ubertosi* AGN feedback in cool core galaxy clusters: shock and cavity heating in RBS797

16:15 end of the session


Friday 14 October

14:00 Cristina Nanci* The broadband 3-year monitoring of the blazar 1ES1959+650: data analysis and future prospects

14:25 Massimiliano Romanello Constraining cosmological parameters from angular power spectrum and correlation function

14:50 Dhrubojyoti Sengupta* X-ray vision on Local Obscured AGN

15:15-15:25 break

15:25 Stefano Giarratana* A radio view on the afterglow phase of Gamma-Ray Bursts

15:50 Ivan Lopez* AGN and host galaxy co-evolution: a view by miniJPAS

16:15 Blessing Musimenta A new discovery space opened by eROSITA: I. Ionised AGN outflows from eFEDS selected samples

16:40 Alberto Traina Tracing SFRD through cosmic time: the ALMA view from the A3COSMOS survey

17:05 end of the session