2023 - Cycle 37 & 38 Annual Talks

Monday 9/10

  • 11:25 Giada Pignataro* Probing diffuse emission in radio bridges between galaxy clusters
  • 11:50 Davide Pelliciari* The FRB-magnetar connection as seen by the Northern Cross radio telescope 
  • 12:15 Giovanni Mazzolari* Hidden AGN in the deep Universe
  • 12:40 end of the session


  • 14:00 Leonardo De Deo. Orbital anisotropy ansatz for the axisymmetric Jeans equations
  • 14:25 Xavier Lopez Lopez  Building an empirical mock catalogue of AGN type 1 and 2
  • 14:50 Gabriele Panebianco* GRB 221009 A - The Brightest of All Times as observed by AGILE
  • 15:15-15:25 break
  • 15:25 Filippo Barbani* Galactic coronae in Milky Way-like galaxies: the role of stellar feedback in gas accretion
  • 15:50 Laura Leuzzi* The simulation of strong lensing by galaxy clusters
  • 16:15 Alessandro Della Croce* The lively formation of stellar clusters: the LISCA project
  • 16:40 end of the session


Tuesday 10/10

  • 10:00 Stefano Sotira Studying the properties and energy injection of AGN in galaxy clusters
  • 10:25 Greta Toni The AMICO-COSMOS galaxy cluster catalogue with members up to z=2: sample properties and X-ray counterparts
  • 10:50 Massimiliano Matteuzzi Anomalously low-mass core-He-burning stars as post-common-envelope-phase products
  • 11:15-11:25 break
  • 11:25 Alex Billi Fast Rotating Blue Straggler Stars in Star Clusters
  • 11:50 Edoardo Ceccarelli A Walk on the Retrograde Side (WRS) project: tidying up the retrograde halo with high-resolution spectroscopy
  • 12:15 Camilla Giusti The exploration of high-density clusters in the Large Magellanic Cloud: the case of NGC 1835
  • 12:40 end of the session


14:00 Astrophysics seminar


  • 15:25 Rachele Toniolo  Picture (of) the Universe: fostering the development of scientific citizenship through board games
  • 15:50 Elena Tomasetti Constraining the Hubble parameter with cosmic clocks and cosmic chronometers
  • 16:15 Fabrizio  Cogato Euclid’s commissioning data analysis. An insight into NISP detectors’ systematics
  • 16:40 Fabrizio Gentile* Radio-Selected NIRdark galaxies: the ALMA view behind the dust
  • 17:05 end of the session



Wednesday 11/10

  • 10:00 Deimer Alvarez  Chemical tagging of peculiar stellar systems in our Galaxy
  • 10:25 Davide Belfiori Studying the magnetic field structure of the starburst galaxy NGC253 through ALMA polarization observations
  • 10:50 Ettore Bronzini "Exploring TeV-Emitting Radio Galaxies with CTA: Insights into the Physics of Relativistic Jets"
  • 11:15-11:25 break
  • 11:25 Emanuele De Rubeis* Radio galaxies in Abell 2255: insights from LOFAR-VLB
  • 11:50 Alex Ciabattoni Background simulations for the NASA COSI mission
  • 12:15 Filippo Tonti Stray Light analysis in LISA CAS combining optical and numerical simulations
  • 12:40 end of the session


 * online


Wednesday 31/1/24

  • 14:00  Luca Rosignoli Study of the opto-mechanical stability and optic performance of the future ELT-class telescope instrumentations.
  • 14:25 Letizia Scaloni Evolution of galaxy properties through multi-wavelength spatially resolved studies
  • 14:50 Jeppe Thomsen Duets - characterising binary stars using asteroseismology of red giants